Electronic Arts and FIFA won't cooperate: Infantino announced a new football game

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Electronic Arts and FIFA won't cooperate: Infantino announced a new football game

EA and FIFA are two companies that have crossed paths. Due to the fact that EA did not want to pay FIFA the money requested for using the FIFA name, EA will be releasing a new football game called EA Sports FC this fall instead.

As far as the simulation itself is concerned, it will be similar to the one that we have known for the past twenty years, but will have a new name. In spite of this, FIFA is seriously considering releasing its own soccer game in the near future.

In fact, Gianni Infantino confirmed himself, the long-time president of FIFA who has just won another mandate (despite the fact that there was no competition for the position). During his victory speech, he presented the organization with a plan that will allow it to make 11 billion dollars in the next 4 years, which is significantly more than what was earned in the previous mandate, and part of that is going to come from the new FIFA game.

“The new FIFA game, FIFA 25, 26, 27, and beyond, will be the best football game for every boy and girl. We will contact you with news about it very soon."


His statement above suggests that we could be playing a brand new FIFA as soon as next fall, based on the way he phrased it.

A new virtual duel, triathlon, or maybe even a quadruple, could be born in the fall of 2023. There are several things to look forward to in the near future, including the release of EA Sports' second EA Sports FC. Konami may not totally abandon eFootball by then, and UFL plans on becoming a huge success by then.

As far as the development of the new soccer game is concerned, FIFA has yet to identify which major publisher it will be working with. While it is a good idea to target "boys" and "girls," it does give the impression that Infantino and the company are not taking virtual football very seriously. We hope that he will still surprise us with his plans.

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