Valve has filed trademarks for Counter-Strike 2

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Valve has filed trademarks for Counter-Strike 2
Valve has filed trademarks for Counter-Strike 2 (Provided by Financial World)

There has been a lot of serious talk circulating around about the supposed Counter-Strike 2 since the beginning of March. A few weeks ago, it was "released" by Nvidia, which included references to it in its drivers, then data miners began finding references to it in Steam and CS:GO source codes, and then now we have almost concrete confirmation from Valve.

According to PCGamesN, Valve has filed an application for a trademark in the US for the name CS2, which was first noted by the publication. Hence, we are likely to see Counter-Strike 2 in the near future. Aside from that, there will be nothing else, especially in light of recent events.

Counter Strike 2

Compared to its predecessor, Counter-Strike 2 is the most advanced version of the game as far as visuals and performance are concerned, since everyone knows that the game will be powered by the more modern Source 2 engine, which brings Counter-Strike to life like never before.

It is already rumored that Dota 2 and Half Life: Alyx are on it, and although we have no doubt that CS2 will come with a lot of new content as new maps, the gaming experience should, according to rumor, be similar to the previous one, and the visuals should be more in line with modern-day shooters.

There are still rumors that Valve is still considering starting beta testing at the end of this month or at the beginning of next month, given that the company has not yet given an official confirmation. The vast majority of fans of this video game are anxiously waiting for CS 2 to be released in order to see what it will bring to the table.

A lot of expectations are being placed on this game at the moment, and the game is expected to break many records. It is our hope that the creators of this game put their best efforts into creating a game that is as good as it is at the moment.