Fortnite has become an Olympic esport!

Fortnite will not be played in a way that will allow players to shoot other players

by Sead Dedovic
Fortnite has become an Olympic esport!

It was hard to have imagined that video games would evolve to such an extent and that they would be recognized by the leading sports houses in the world. Despite this, it did still happen. Over the years, there has been a long and ongoing debate regarding the rationale for why video games should be included in the Olympic program and how it should be qualified.

After several years of discussion and debate, video gaming was finally adopted by the International Olympic Committee as a separate discipline in a competition called the Olympic Esports Series. The road to success was not without its obstacles, however.

In order to avoid physical violence during the Olympics, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided that most competitive video games are inherently violent. Hence, it was made very clear that Fortnite, a game where players shoot the opponent in order to win, will never be classified as an Olympic eSport.

Fortnite and Oympic Esports Series

The Olympic Esports Series begins in 2023 and Fortnite will now be officially included as a discipline in that series. This is a big deal, as we are already in 2023. What is your opinion of that? As a compromise, Fortnite will not be played in a way that will allow players to shoot other players, but rather will be played in a way that you will instead shoot targets, much like other shooting sports that make up the Olympic Games.

Players will be able to compete in precision shooting contests in Fortnite on a special island/mode that will be created for the game. It does not matter in the end that Fortnite is a violent game as it is played by everyone, at least there should be a mode in which there is no virtual violence part of the game.

Perhaps Mortal Kombat will even become an Olympic esport one day, it is just a matter of time. Interesting things on the gaming scene for sure. In the coming period, we can expect an even greater evolution of everything.