Warner Bros. working on a Superman video game

Warner Bros. has now awakened the imagination of a large number of people

by Sead Dedovic
Warner Bros. working on a Superman video game

In the coming years, the WB Games studio is going to be working on a number of exciting projects, and one of the most exciting of these is likely to be a video game based on Superman. There have been constant rumors about it, but as of right now, there hasn't been any official confirmation of it.

In spite of this, Warner Bros. has now awakened the imagination of a large number of people. In the recent weeks, new rumors have been spreading around about the possibility of a Superman game due to Warner CEO David Zaslav, who hinted at the latest conference for exhibitors that we may be able to see the aforementioned Superman game in conjunction with the release of the James Gunn-directed movie, Superman: Legacy.

It is estimated that the premiere of this film will take place in 2025.


In spite of the fact that Zaslav largely relied on theory rather than actual facts in his presentation, his suggestion that the Superman game be released with the opening of the movie in order to bring the DC universe even closer to fans and people who might become fans of the franchise is certainly enough reason to start believing that this game is indeed being planned.

The fact that James Gunn, who is currently in charge of DC, has emphasised on numerous occasions that the DC franchise will expand into other media in the future and that films, television series, comics as well as games will be part of one indivisible universe is in support of all the above.

As a counterpoint, it is important not to forget the constant stream of rumors that was floating around in the past, relating to WB Montreal being working on yet another huge DC game with Gotham Knights, for which even earlier indications pointed to us being working on a Superman game as well.

This project is something we hope will be able to deliver on for all the fans of this film, and that we will be able to enjoy it as well

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