"Olympic Esports Series" Includes Fortnite in its Lineup

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"Olympic Esports Series" Includes Fortnite in its Lineup
"Olympic Esports Series" Includes Fortnite in its Lineup (Provided by Financial World)

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has added the popular video game, Fortnite, to its lineup of games for the Olympic Esports Finals competition. The competition, which will take place in Singapore from June 22 to 25, will feature the best virtual sports shooters from the Fortnite Champions Series competing in a specially designed archery competition on a Fortnite Creative Island.

Ticket Sales for "Olympic Esports Week" Now Open

The IOC has opened ticket sales for the Olympic Esports Week, which will feature the first live final of the Olympic Esports Series. The Fortnite competition is scheduled to take place on June 24 and will be available for viewing through Olympics.com and related social media channels.

A "Peaceful Competition" with Physical Equivalent

The Olympic Esports Series was created in collaboration with International Federations (IFs) and other game publishers and includes nine games in line with real-life sports, such as baseball, chess, cycling, dance sport, motorsport, sailing, taekwondo, and tennis:

  • Archery (Tic Tac Bow)
  • Baseball (WBSC eBaseball™: Power Pros)
  • Chess (Chess.com)
  • Cycling (Zwift)
  • Dance Sport (Just Dance)
  • Motorsport (Gran Turismo 7)
  • Sailing (Virtual Regatta)
  • Taekwondo (Virtual Taekwondo)
  • Tennis (Tennis Clash)
The addition of Fortnite to the lineup is in line with the IOC's goal of boosting esports and connecting with the video game community, as Fortnite is considered a "peaceful competition" with a physical equivalent.

"The competition will be an invitational event and involve 12 players from the Fortnite Champion Series. It will feature a special International Shooting Sport Federation Island created in Fortnite, which will be designed to reflect sport shooting competition.

Players will be tested on their target aiming accuracy, just as sport shooters would in competition," says the official Olympic Esports Series website. The Olympic Esports Series will take place in the Suntec Centre in Singapore and is set to showcase the best virtual sports shooters in action.

The IOC sees this as an opportunity for the public to experience the excitement of virtual sports and connect with the video game community.