EA on huge ambitions related to the new Battlefield


EA on huge ambitions related to the new Battlefield
EA on huge ambitions related to the new Battlefield

It is no secret that many gamers are eagerly anticipating the release of the new Battlefield. It seems unlikely that they will be able to get their hands on this video game anytime soon, however. There is optimism about the future for Electronic Arts according to the head of the company.

In the near future, they expect big things from Battlefield, and they have serious ambitions for it. Andrew Wilson told GameSpot that there are no plans to announce any dates about Battlefield 4 or any future announcements about it in the near future.

DICE contact

Andrew revealed that he is in contact with DICE "I have infinite confidence in that team and infinite confidence in the progress they are making toward the future of the franchise," Andrew said in a message to investors.

"Our goal is not just to build a game, but to build a platform as well." In a statement, the head of EA said that "we are building content as a platform to guide the live service for decades to come." He went on to explain that Battlefield will remain a significant IP for EA for years to come, and that they will reveal more information when they are ready.

Electronic Arts was thoroughly reorganized following the fiasco with Battlefield 2042 which left the company with much to be desired. The franchise was led by Vince Zampella, once one of the most influential people for the Call of Duty series.

He is today the head of Respawn and the creator of Titanfall. The Battlefield series is currently being developed by several studios. Currently, the new studio Ridgeline Games, one of the creators of Halo, is working on a campaign for a new Battlefield, while Ripple Effect is developing what they call a new Battlefield experience, a completely new combat experience, as well as a new Battlefield.

There is a possibility that the new Battlefield could break all records and do an incredible thing for the gaming industry. The release of the new game is eagerly awaited by fans.