The Dead by Daylight series is being expanded with two new games


The Dead by Daylight series is being expanded with two new games
The Dead by Daylight series is being expanded with two new games

A new idea or plan is born every day for the Dead by Daylight creators. This video game is being developed with the goal of improving it in the future and making it even better. There was more than one surprise planned for Dead by Daylight besides Nicolas Cage's arrival in this horror blockbuster.

The star's presence wasn't the only surprise. Behavior Interactive, the studio responsible for Dead by Daylight, announced yesterday that two new Dead by Daylight games are currently in development at the studio, and they are working on Dead By Daylight's 2 upcoming games.

The addition of these games will not replace the main Dead by Daylight fictional story in any way, but instead will add to the mythology of the game as a whole. There will be two projects, one of which will be a single-player adventure that will be based on the storyline and format from various games such as Until Dawn, The Quarry, The Dark Pictures, and so on.

This is, of course, no accident, because this game is being developed by the same people who created the titles that were mentioned above, the Supermassive Games team. There has not been much said about Dead By Daylight so far, but what is known is that we are going to meet a new cast of characters set in a world that we are familiar with.

Second project

In addition, the second project will be the development of a multiplayer game in the PvE format. You will have the ability to play against up to four other players in an environment that focuses on themes of greed and power lust.

In this case, it is Midwinter Entertainment that is developing the game, which has only worked on one game so far - the failed Scavengers, and is working on the sequel to this game. Quite an interesting thing, we have to admit.

It has finally been confirmed what has been rumored since the beginning of the year - Dead by Daylight will get its own film adaptation at the end of the year. There is now a director, screenwriter and actors on the hunt for this film, which will be made in collaboration between Atomic Monster and Blumhouse. While there have already been some rumors about possible actors, there hasn't been any confirmation of any of them yet.