Meta Quest 3 should be released soon

There will be a base 128GB model of the Meta Quest 3 available for US$499.99

by Sead Dedovic
Meta Quest 3 should be released soon

Though the idea of the metaverse is slowly fading away from the tech circles, Mark Zuckerberg and his company Meta still believe that it is a viable idea. The idea of a successful VR/AR device requires an understanding of at least the concept of it.

Therefore, the company plans to launch the new Meta Quest 3 headset this fall as a successor to the Oculus Quest 2 headset that was launched back in 2020. There will be a base 128GB model of the Meta Quest 3 available for US$499.99.

The Meta Quest 3 system will be a standalone device with two controllers packaged in the box, so there will be no need to connect wires. There will be something innovative about the Quest 3 since it will be 40% thinner than its predecessor.


According to the Quest 3 website, there will be a higher resolution screen on board, but no specific figures will be attached to that claim as yet. A noticeable difference is the new physical design of the controllers, which will no longer have a ring on them.

However, they are still able to track finger movements as they have in the past. During the development phase of the controller, haptic vibrations were introduced using trueTouch technology, and the ergonomics of the controllers themselves were improved.

Meta hasn't forgotten about the existing lineup of Quest devices, so it is clear that Meta does not neglect them. In order to preserve the old Quest 2 from 6/4, the price on it is going to be permanently lowered. As of now, the new price for the 128GB model will be $300 and the new price for the 256GB model will be $350.

Additionally, by upgrading the software of Quest 2, it is claimed that Quest 2 will be able to achieve up to 26% processor acceleration and 19% graphics chip acceleration. As a final note, the Quest 3 will continue to be sold alongside the Quest 2, allowing users to choose a cheaper option. A new app or game will also be added to it on a regular basis. Great thing by the Meta, it has to be said.