Roblox creators reveal the 'bizarre' reason why users will get banned

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Roblox creators reveal the 'bizarre' reason why users will get banned
Roblox creators reveal the 'bizarre' reason why users will get banned

There are many records that are broken by Roblox, and the creators of this game are doing great things with this game. There is no doubt that they know how to draw attention to themselves and gain popularity. The reason that Roblox is in the spotlight this time, however, has something to do with some other reasons.

Specifically, it seems that there are a great deal of pedophiles who decide to play this particular video game on a regular basis. The creators had no choice but to do something about it. The way in which they decided to solve such a problem is interesting, and the question is whether they will really succeed in this.

Namely, there are obviously not enough developers, so the company decided to use AI as the main source for the ban. In recent times, AI is gaining more and more popularity, considering how easily it helps.

Roblox on the reasons for BAN

Roblox has revealed what users will be banned for in the future.

Although many suspect that it could be a voice changer, pedophilia and many other things, the creators revealed that in the future they will ban people because of the word "W". That word is used as WIN. The question is, how good is this really, and does it make sense? The creators of Roblox want to ensure peace, an exciting game, and stop all those who want to disturb that peace.

It is interesting to note that Roblox, a video game platform that intends to attract a larger number of adults by the end of this year, plans to introduce a variety of activities geared towards them, such as virtual dates or watching movies together.

As a result of the company opening up to an older audience, chat filtering will be relaxed, so if you are 13 or older, you will now be able to use acronyms such as LOL or LMAO, among others. The fact that they are banned is also an interesting fact.


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