Revealed: How an Autistic Hacker Released Clips of Upcoming Game GTA VI

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Revealed: How an Autistic Hacker Released Clips of Upcoming Game GTA VI
Revealed: How an Autistic Hacker Released Clips of Upcoming Game GTA VI © Getty Images News/Cate Gillon

In popular film and television, the image of a hacker is that of a brooding figure, equipped with an array of high-tech devices, operating in darkened rooms filled with the hum of servers and screens. But as the recent case of Arion Kurtaj has shown, the reality can be strikingly different.

Not Your Average Movie Hacker

Arion Kurtaj, a member of the notorious hacker group Lapsus$, made significant waves in the gaming universe. He achieved notoriety when he leaked gameplay clips from the yet-to-be-released game, GTA VI.

Contrary to the Hollywood portrayal, Kurtaj's tools of trade were shockingly simple: an Amazon Fire TV stick, a smartphone, and the basic duo of a keyboard and a mouse. Even more astonishing was the circumstance under which he executed this bold act.

Kurtaj was operating from a budget hotel, a location assigned to him by authorities after facing threats from an act of "doxing." This compromised his safety and that of his family. Despite being under restrictions and without direct internet access, his use of a Fire TV Stick facilitated his exploits.

Trial, Tribulations, and the Ties that Bind

The full extent of Kurtaj's cyber escapades became public knowledge following a week-long trial. The charges against him weren’t limited to his digital heist against Rockstar Games.

He had hacked into the systems of other major corporations like Revolt and Uber. A parallel narrative in this tale was that of a 17-year-old, also a member of Lapsus$, who despite being convicted, remains out on bail. Both individuals share a diagnosis of autism.

Kurtaj, however, was absent from his trial, deemed unfit following a psychiatrist's evaluation. The legal proceedings thus focused exclusively on the verification of the actions attributed to him, without delving into the intent behind them.

Lapsus$, often referred to in court as a "group of digital bandits," is believed to be largely comprised of teens hailing from Brazil and the UK. Of its members, seven have been apprehended in the UK, including Kurtaj and the aforementioned unnamed teenager.

The group's hacking spree extended between 2021 and 2022, targeting giants such as Samsung, T-Mobile, and Microsoft. While the group did demand ransoms post their hacks, the specifics of any financial transactions, if they occurred, remain undisclosed.