Assassin's Creed Red and great novelties!

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Assassin's Creed Red and great novelties!
Assassin's Creed Red and great novelties! © Assassins Creed Red / AssassinsDen Youtube Channel

The upcoming Assassin's Creed game, codenamed Red, will be the first in the franchise to be made specifically for the current generation of hardware, so it will also use a much more powerful engine than any previous game in the series.

The media outlet Insider Gaming has reported that one of the features of the new technical background in the next Assassin is that the environment will be destroyed, which is seen as a major feature of the new technical background in the next Assassin.

In terms of gameplay, you won't be able to do anything revolutionary here nor should you expect to destroy the entire map like it did in Red Faction or Battlefield games. It is expected that the environmental destruction in this title will be on par with that we have seen in other Ubisoft games in the past.

As you probably know, they had to work hard on the script because the inevitable comparisons to Ghost of Tsushima made it very challenging. However, the developers managed to create a unique experience that will still keep you entertained.

The graphics are also impressive, and the game promises to be an interesting and enjoyable experience.

New aspects

Anyhow, the recent rumors also mention a "play of light and shadow" as another aspect of the new game. It will thus be important for us to stick to the dark parts of the map in order to avoid a possible enemy attack that involves extinguishing torches, i.e.

light sources, and it will supposedly be crucial to stay away from those parts of the map that are lit. It has recently been confirmed that an earlier rumor of two playable characters will be included in the game. Not only will they have different personalities, but they will also have different styles of gameplay.

The main character of the story is a samurai of African descent (this may have been inspired by the story of the samurai Yasuke), while the female character takes on the role of a ninja (resembling that of a ninja) The female characters will also have her own unique weapons and abilities, and the game will feature a variety of different scenarios and levels.