Decade of Grand Theft Auto V: Celebrations, New Content, and an Uncertain Future

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Decade of Grand Theft Auto V: Celebrations, New Content, and an Uncertain Future
Decade of Grand Theft Auto V: Celebrations, New Content, and an Uncertain Future © Getty Images News/Cate Gillon

It's hard to believe, but it's already been a decade since the world was introduced to Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). Originally launched for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the game's universe expanded shortly after with the arrival of Grand Theft Auto Online.

This online component has since become a cornerstone of the franchise, continually drawing in new players while retaining the core fan base.

Celebrating Ten Years of Success

In a heartwarming gesture of gratitude, Rockstar Games, the masterminds behind the game, recently took to the X social network to thank their millions of fans worldwide.

Their message was clear: it is the fans that have cemented GTA's legacy across multiple console generations. "The reason why GTA enjoyed success on multiple generations of consoles" is none other than the fans, the company expressed.

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the blockbuster game, Rockstar hasn't held back. The anniversary announcement revealed a plethora of new content for GTA Online, including brand-new clothing inspired by GTA V, thematic weapons, and a host of mods.

One of the highlights is the introduction of the fiery Bravado Hotring Hellfire car, exclusively available to GTA+ members. In addition, players are incentivized with various items and bonuses for engaging in specific missions.

The Legacy of GTA V and the Mystery Surrounding Its Successor

GTA V's charm has always revolved around its vast, immersive world and dynamic gameplay. A unique narrative structure allowed players to experience the storyline from three intertwined perspectives, offering depth and variety rarely seen in video games.

While the game has seen numerous enhancements and has made its mark on newer console generations, there's a looming question in the minds of fans: What about Grand Theft Auto VI? Confirmed to be in development last year, Rockstar has remained tight-lipped about the next installment.

Save for a massive leak showcasing 90 minutes of game footage, the community remains in the dark. In a twist, Rockstar recently revealed a collaboration with mod developers, hinting at bolstered support for roleplay servers in the future.

Jason Schreier, a respected games journalist at Bloomberg, offered some insight into the long gestation period of GTA titles. Reminiscing about Rockstar's track record in the 2000s and early 2010s, he remarked, "They had a wide distribution of studios across the world.

So while a team in Scotland was crafting GTA, San Diego was focused on Red Dead Redemption." This division of labor enabled frequent game releases then.