Sony extends generous aid to Israel and Palestine's populations!

Devolver Digital has also stepped forward to assist

by Sead Dedovic
Sony extends generous aid to Israel and Palestine's populations!
© David Becker / Getty Images Entertainment

In a statement issued today, Sony condemned the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza, standing firmly against terrorism and violence directed at innocent civilians. The company then announced a generous donation for the victims on both sides of the conflict.

Sony expressed its commitment to support the human rights of all individuals and its strong opposition to terrorism, violence against civilians, and any actions that threaten human life and dignity. The company's primary objective is to keep the peace in the region.

Many donations have been arriving in Palestine in the last few days. Countries around the world want to help the Palestinians who are in a difficult situation. As a part of their commitment, Sony will contribute $2 million to both the Japanese Red Cross and UNICEF.

These organizations will be responsible for distributing aid to those in need. Additionally, Sony has encouraged its employees to join this noble cause, pledging to match their donations, potentially increasing the overall contribution.

Their workers also immediately agreed to it and confirmed that they are ready to help the people of both countries, given that real chaos reigns there.

Devolver Digital supports

Furthermore, leading game publisher Devolver Digital has also stepped forward to assist.

They have made a donation through a United Nations agency dedicated to addressing the needs of the Palestinian population and have urged all gamers and supporters to follow suit. The Palestinians really need the help in these difficult moments for them.

Heart-wrenching images of wounded, deceased, and traumatized children have been widely broadcast on television and shared across the internet, underscoring the urgency of their situation. This is a really commendable move by Sony and their leaders, who once again demonstrated their broad-mindedness and willingness to help those who need it the most.

This company is ready to support the Palestinian and Israeli people in the coming period as well. In addition, large companies around the world want to do the same in the coming period. The most important thing is to be 'the man' in these moments, that's for sure!