Diablo 4 Expansions Unveiled: First One Revealed as 'Lord of Hatred'

The first Diablo 4 expansion won't arrive until sometime in 2024

by Sededin Dedovic
Diablo 4 Expansions Unveiled: First One Revealed as 'Lord of Hatred'
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Blizzard Entertainment, the renowned game developer, has excited Diablo enthusiasts with official announcements of not one but two upcoming expansions for Diablo IV. The anticipation and speculation surrounding these expansions have been further fueled by the vigilant efforts of dataminers, who have uncovered tantalizing details about the game's future.

In a recent development, Blizzard released a technical alpha build of Diablo 4 for game testers, sparking a wave of leaks and revelations. Among these revelations, a YouTuber known as Ybubaka uncovered information suggesting that the first expansion for Diablo 4 is aptly named "Lord of Hatred." For those who have delved into the main campaign of Diablo 4, the significance of this expansion's title becomes apparent.

Mephisto, a prominent character within the game's campaign, makes appearances in the form of a talking wolf. His intriguing proposition to the main character is to collaborate in capturing Lillith, and Mephisto is also known as the Lord of Hatred.

This strongly implies that Mephisto will assume the role of the primary antagonist in the forthcoming expansion.

The future of the franchise appears as thrilling and dark as ever

Furthermore, this expansion is expected to introduce an entirely new character class known as the Spiritborn, offering players fresh gameplay dynamics and experiences.

Adding to the excitement, the expansion will incorporate the iconic Kurast region from Diablo 2 into its narrative, providing a familiar yet evolved setting for players to explore and confront the challenges within the expansion's storyline.

While the focus is firmly on "Lord of Hatred" as the first announced expansion, it's important to note that there are other prominent Diablo characters who have yet to make an appearance in Diablo 4, leaving the door open for potential characters and storylines in future expansions.

Blizzard's official timeline indicates that the first Diablo 4 expansion is slated for release in 2024, offering players a glimpse of what's to come in the evolving Diablo universe. In the meantime, players can indulge in a second season of content for Diablo 4, enhancing the experience of collecting valuable loot and achieving higher levels.

The anticipation for the first expansion is palpable, with the expectation of further seasons to bridge the gap and keep players engaged until its arrival. Diablo fans worldwide eagerly await each new revelation and update from Blizzard, as the Diablo 4 expansions promise to enrich and expand upon the already captivating world of Sanctuary. The future of the franchise appears as thrilling and dark as ever, with the Lord of Hatred looming on the horizon.