Netflix Expands Its Gaming Universe: Squid Game Video Game and More Hit Series

Netflix has never charged for its games or set additional fees within its gaming domain

by Sededin Dedovic
Netflix Expands Its Gaming Universe: Squid Game Video Game and More Hit Series
© Mario Tama / Getty Images

Netflix is taking bold strides to enhance its mobile gaming portfolio, promising subscribers an array of Netflix-produced mobile game series in the near future. This move aims to capitalize on the immense popularity of its original content, including titles like Squid Game and Wednesday, by extending them into the gaming realm.

Although Netflix has ventured into mobile gaming previously, it is still refining its role within the company's business model. Presently, the Netflix app encourages users to download and play games such as Exploding Kittens: The Game or Ghost Detective from app stores, providing an in-app gaming experience.

However, the streaming giant intends to enable subscribers to play games directly on their smart TVs and computers. This expansion into gaming coincides with the recent launch of a dedicated controller app for iOS devices, allowing players to use their phones as gamepads in conjunction with their televisions.

Netflix's growing dedication to the gaming sector

Netflix has traditionally offered its games without any additional charges or in-game purchases, requiring only an active subscription for mobile gaming access. While the future pricing structure remains uncertain, the emphasis on crafting games based on popular shows could serve to maintain viewer engagement, particularly during content lulls between seasons.

This strategic approach may also guide Netflix into exploring potential avenues for purchasing games. Presently, Netflix boasts a collection of over 70 games on its platform and aims to expand this library by the close of 2023.

The platform will continue to offer licensed off-screen games like Classic Solitaire, ensuring a diverse gaming experience. In less than two years, Netflix has managed to emerge as a significant player in indie game publishing.

It has demonstrated its commitment to transforming hit series into engaging games, as exemplified by the recent release of Netflix Stories: Love is Blind, an interactive title based on the popular reality television series.

This success signifies Netflix's growing dedication to the gaming sector, with a firm intention to further integrate games into its entertainment ecosystem.