Gran Turismo 7: 4-Player Split-Screen, Seven New Cars, and More in the Latest Update

Spec II is the biggest update yet, and this free update is truly transformative

by Sededin Dedovic
Gran Turismo 7: 4-Player Split-Screen, Seven New Cars, and More in the Latest Update
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The arrival of 'GT7 Spec II' is a momentous occasion for Gran Turismo 7 fans, as it promises to breathe new life into the game. Polyphony Digital's commitment to continually enhancing the player experience has been unwavering since the game's debut in March 2022.

With each update, the game has evolved, delivering unparalleled realism and excitement to gamers. New 'Spec II' update, with its innovative 4-player split-screen mode and the introduction of seven new cars, is a testament to the developers' dedication to providing a cutting-edge and immersive racing experience.

Players can now look forward to an even more dynamic and engaging gameplay environment. The Polyphony Digital team has been committed to the evolution of Gran Turismo 7 since its initial release on March 4, 2022. Their dedication to continually pushing the boundaries of realism in driving simulations has been apparent in each successive update.

With the arrival of 'Spec II' (Update 1.40) on November 2, 2023, players can expect a truly epic transformation of the game.

'Spec II' is poised to be the most substantial leap yet

With the announcement of seven new cars, Gran Turismo 7's latest update has already stirred excitement among players.

However, the true showstopper is the long-awaited inclusion of the 4-player split-screen mode. This feature brings a nostalgic and social dimension to the game, where friends and family can engage in thrilling head-to-head races on the same screen, rekindling classic gaming experiences and fostering memorable competitive moments.

Gran Turismo 7's commitment to player satisfaction shines through with this highly anticipated addition. The game's continuous improvement through each patch has been notable, but 'Spec II' is poised to be the most substantial leap yet.

Polyphony Digital's dedication to enhancing the experience is evident in the introduction of 'GT Sophy,' which promises to elevate the driving realism even further. This free update is truly transformative, offering not only new cars but a game-changing multiplayer mode.

Gran Turismo 7 continues to be a testament to the developers' commitment to delivering an unparalleled driving simulation experience.