Elon Musk Surprised: PlayStation and Xbox Removed Integration with Social Network X

Xbox concluded its integration with the social network X in April, and PlayStation intends to follow suit

by Sededin Dedovic
Elon Musk Surprised: PlayStation and Xbox Removed Integration with Social Network X
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Xbox recently terminated its integration with the popular social network X in April, and now PlayStation is following suit. Elon Musk, the owner of the social network X (Twitter), has expressed his intent to investigate the reasons behind these decisions taken by Xbox and PlayStation to cease the direct sharing of content on his platform.

Notably, until recently, players on both consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, enjoyed the convenience of capturing and sharing screenshots and video clips directly from their gaming devices. Microsoft made an announcement in April, citing that they were "compelled" to disable this feature, and Sony has also confirmed their plans to implement a similar move earlier this week.

Despite the absence of an official explanation, it is widely speculated that this change is linked to substantial modifications concerning access to the social network's API. It is believed that these modifications could necessitate large corporations to pay significant sums for continued access to the API.

X News Daily, an account dedicated to updates about the social network X, reported on Tuesday that the network aims to transform into a "major streaming platform." This transformation, however, may prove to be "less convenient for console gamers" due to the removal of integration with Xbox and PlayStation.

In response to these developments, Musk commented, "I'll look into what it's all about." For gamers who still wish to share their videos on this social network, alternative methods are available, though they involve additional steps.

Xbox users can upload their screenshots and gameplay clips to the cloud, and from there, they can download these files to a PC or mobile device. Subsequently, they need to manually post these materials on the social network X.

Similarly, PlayStation 5 owners can synchronize their console with the PlayStation app to access their screenshots and videos on their mobile phones and share them from there, ensuring that gamers can continue to engage with the social network despite the changes.

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