It's not official yet, but Valve has sold millions of Steam Deck consoles so far


It's not official yet, but Valve has sold millions of Steam Deck consoles so far
It's not official yet, but Valve has sold millions of Steam Deck consoles so far © The Verge / Youtube channel

Valve's Steam Deck has undeniably marked a significant milestone in the realm of portable gaming, and the success of the portable PC became evident shortly after its launch last year. Although Valve has not disclosed precise sales figures for the device, they did reveal that, prior to the introduction of the OLED version, the Steam Deck had already achieved impressive sales, totaling in the "several million" units sold.

Lawrence Yang and Pierre-Loup Griffais, designers at Valve, shared insights with The Verge, highlighting the substantial success of the original 2022 LCD Steam Deck model. The "several million" units sold underscore the device's popularity and widespread adoption among gaming enthusiasts.

While the exact number within the "several million" range remains undisclosed, it signifies a considerable market penetration. The imminent release of the OLED Steam Deck further exemplifies Valve's commitment to innovation and responsiveness to consumer preferences.

In an interview with The Washington Post, the design team acknowledged the influence of Nintendo's Switch OLED, stating, "[Switch OLED] definitely showed people that the fidelity of OLED screens is generally higher. It's just a great product from Nintendo that makes tons of customers around the world super happy." This acknowledgment highlights Valve's strategic awareness and adaptability, recognizing the positive impact of competitor products and incorporating valuable features into their own offerings.

The Steam Deck OLED, inspired by the success and positive reception of Nintendo's Switch OLED, exemplifies an industry where cross-pollination of ideas benefits both developers and gamers alike. As the Steam Deck continues to gain traction, Valve's foray into portable gaming has not only captured a significant market share but has also set a benchmark for innovation in the industry.

The success of both the LCD and OLED models emphasizes the gaming community's embrace of versatile, high-performance portable gaming devices, positioning Valve as a key player in this evolving landscape. The "several million" units sold underscore not just commercial success but a shift in the paradigm of portable gaming, marking the Steam Deck as a transformative force in the industry.