Fortnite Adds Three New Game Modes for December


Fortnite Adds Three New Game Modes for December
Fortnite Adds Three New Game Modes for December © Fusion Games Nation / Youtube channel

According to a reputable Fortnite leaker, three new game modes are coming to Fortnite in December. @iFireMonkey, who accurately revealed many details regarding upcoming Fortnite events, co-ops, and features, claims that the game will have three new game modes in December.

The first of the three game modes will be a LEGO Fortnite event, which is speculated to feature Minecraft-like world building. Not much is currently known about the event itself, but according to iFireMonkey, the event and rewards will become available on December 7th.

In addition to the Fortnite event, the 'Fortnite Festival' will reportedly begin on December 9, with the game's racing mode called 'Rocket Racing' taking place on December 8. Reportedly, Fortnite Festival will feature a 'Harmonix' game mode that has something to do with rhythm, but what exactly that entails is anybody's guess.

On the other hand, the Rocket Racing event will be a collaboration with Rocket League, which has been speculated for some time.

Doctor Who x Fortnite crossover

It is also heavily speculated that a Doctor Who x Fortnite crossover could take place soon.

Although it has not been officially confirmed, it is expected that the event would probably come to celebrate 60 years of Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in November 1963. In addition to these three new game modes, there are also a number of other events and activities planned for Fortnite in December.

These include a new creative mode, a new winter-themed map, and a number of holiday-themed challenges. Overall, it looks like December is going to be a busy month for Fortnite players. With so much new content to enjoy, there's sure to be something for everyone.

The new season started in early November and promises to be the most popular ever, featuring the original map from Chapter 1 along with classic weapons and items. The current record for concurrent players still stands at a massive 12.3 million for the Fortnite x Travis Scott in-game event.