Starfield's incredible drop in popularity

From a launch peak of 330,597 players to a peak of just 22,709 in the last 24 hours

by Sededin Dedovic
Starfield's incredible drop in popularity
© IGROKAEFF / Youtube channel

Three months have passed since Starfield's meteoric rise to prominence, capturing the gaming world by storm. Despite mixed reviews, it achieved remarkable commercial success, shattering sales records with over ten million copies sold within days, marking Bethesda's most successful launch ever.

However, Starfield's initial luster gradually faded as players and critics alike began to recognize the game's shortcomings, realizing that it fell short of their expectations and failed to deliver on its ambitious promises.

The once-thriving player base on Steam has dwindled significantly, with the game's peak player count plummeting from an initial high of 330,597 to a mere 22,709 in the past 24 hours. This decline has placed Starfield on par with Skyrim and Fallout 4, the pinnacle of Bethesda's other two flagship franchises.

Starfield was ambitious and had been in development for years

In a striking turn of events, Skyrim's current player count has surpassed Starfield's, edging it out by over a thousand players. Fallout 4 isn't far behind, and with Bethesda's impending release of a much-anticipated HD upgrade, the post-apocalyptic title is poised to witness a resurgence, potentially surpassing Starfield's player count.

Despite years of development and lofty aspirations, Starfield stumbled upon release. It presented a vast universe teeming with potential, but it soon became evident that this potential was merely a rehash of familiar mechanics and repetitive gameplay.

Even the touted "innovative endgame" devolved into a monotonous cycle that quickly lost its appeal. Starfield's initial fervor has waned, leaving behind a trail of disappointment and frustration among players who had eagerly anticipated an immersive and groundbreaking spacefaring adventure.

While Bethesda has acknowledged the game's flaws and pledged to address them through updates and patches, the damage has been done. The once-promising space epic has faltered, leaving behind a legacy of unfulfilled expectations.

To avoid any misunderstanding, it is still among the most popular games, but simply some players who have experienced the game have stopped playing it.