The map of GTA VI is three times bigger than the one in GTA V

The game will be set in Vice City. Fans are impatient

by Sead Dedovic
The map of GTA VI is three times bigger than the one in GTA V
© Spencer Platt / Getty Images News

After more than a decade since the first presentation of GTA 5, Rockstar is finally ready to present GTA 6. After many years of speculation, the official reveal will take place in December. Fans of this video game have emphasized many times so far how impatient they are, considering that this video game has been expected for several years.

However, parts of the game were already leaked last year. Many rumors, leaks and information about the game have revealed various details, which are still floating between certain and uncertain. In the last year, there has been talk about various locations in the game, the story, the main characters and much more.

When this information is gathered in one place, as a fan of the game did on Twitter, one can come to various conclusions. He made them primarily related to the map in GTA 6 and concluded that it will be three times larger than Los Santos in GTA V.


As Jason shared on Twitter, using coordinates from previous leaks and rumors related to GTA 6, a rough map was created, and an estimate of its total size was calculated. The game will be set in Vice City, and the distance between these coordinates indicates a significantly larger map than Los Santos.

The distance from Vice City to Port Gellhorn is equal to the entire map of GTA 5. These calculations indicate an approximately threefold increase in the size of the playing area compared to the previous GTA. Since this is a rough estimate, the final map may be even larger.

However, parts of the map may also be eliminated from the final version of GTA 6. Unlike other studios, Rockstar has built a reputation for vivid locations, which are key to every Grand Theft Auto game, and this tradition is believed to carry over to the next game.

However, all this information is still only guesswork and calculations based on previous, both verified and unverified information. We should hopefully know more next month.