Minecraft Legends Biggest Free Update Ever, Introducing Witches, Frogs, and More

Xbox Game Studios and Mojang have announced that Minecraft Legends is getting a free major update on all platforms

by Sededin Dedovic
Minecraft Legends Biggest Free Update Ever, Introducing Witches, Frogs, and More
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Minecraft Legends, the action-strategy game developed by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive, has received its biggest update ever, introducing a number of new features and gameplay improvements. Available now on all platforms, the update brings witches, frogs, clangers and more to the Overworld, offering players a fresh and exciting experience.

Enigmatic witches: powerful allies Witches join the fray as mysterious but useful allies to aid players in their battles against the invading pigs. These enigmatic figures wield powerful potions that can be thrown at enemies, dealing debilitating effects and turning the tide of battle.

Frogs: Agile mounts for rapid exploration Jump into action with the addition of frogs, swivel mounts that offer unparalleled mobility. These amphibians not only boast twice the jumping speed of other riders, but also excel in aquatic environments, allowing for rapid exploration of underwater areas.

Moreover, frogs possess exceptional resistance to damage from falling, ensuring a safer descent from dangerous heights. Clangers and Air Choppers: Piglin Reinforcements Two new piglin variants, Clanger and Air Chopper, debut in this update.

Clanger, a powerful warrior, uses powerful symbols to repel enemies and disrupt their formations. Air Chopper, on the other hand, uses a powerful attack that scatters enemies in different directions, creating opportunities for tactical maneuvers.

Extensive updates and improvements

The update extends beyond the introduction of new allies and enemies to include a number of gameplay improvements and customization options. Players can now customize their gaming experience through custom game settings, allowing them to adjust various parameters to suit their preferences.

In addition, improvements to wayfinding simplify navigation through the Overworld, ensuring a more seamless exploration experience. PvP enthusiasts will appreciate the various PvP updates, which introduce balance and social improvements, fostering a more competitive and enjoyable multiplayer experience.

These improvements, along with the addition of new allies and enemies, promise to invigorate the PvP scene in Minecraft Legends.

Dive into the biggest update yet

With its wealth of new features and gameplay enhancements, players can immerse themselves in the Overworld, forge alliances with witches and frogs, take on the imposing Clanger and Air Chopper, and enjoy refined PvP experiences.

Whether you're embarking on epic campaigns or engaging in thrilling multiplayer battles, the update promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for Minecraft Legends players.