Destiny 2 expansion delayed due to layoffs: New release date announced

Bungie has prepared a lot of interesting things for you to make the wait easier

by Sededin Dedovic
Destiny 2 expansion delayed due to layoffs: New release date announced
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Bungie has officially confirmed what many Guardians have suspected for months: Destiny 2's long-awaited expansion, The Final Shape, will not arrive in February as planned. Instead, it's coming to our consoles and PCs on June 4, 2024.

This delay comes after a turbulent period for the studio, marked by layoffs and rumors swirling around the development of The Final Shape. While speculation was rife, Bungie remained tight-lipped. Now game director Joe Blackburn has finally addressed himself in a video message, assuring players that the delay is not a sign of a problem.

Instead, Bungie is painting it as an opportunity to polish The Final Shape into the "bigger and bolder adventure" they envision. It's a chance to refine the expansion's story, gameplay and world, ensuring it brings a satisfying conclusion to the Light and Darkness saga.

You won't be bored while you wait

But Guardians eager to dive into the endgame won't be left wanting. To bridge the gap, Bungie has changed its release calendar. Season of the Wish, the final season of Destiny 2's traditional model, will now launch tomorrow with additional content to cover us.

February brings weekly progression-based missions, breathing fresh life into the current endgame. Then, in March, the Guardian Games return, revamped to reignite the friendly (or not-so-friendly) rivalry between the classes.

And that's not all. April marks the arrival of Destiny 2: Into the Light, a bi-monthly content update that serves as a direct prologue to The Final Shape. It's a chance to gear up, confront familiar enemies, and prepare for the final showdown against the Witnesses.
They've doubled the content, ensuring we have plenty to keep our Guardians busy until June.

The new Destiny universe will amaze you

And what awaits us then? New dungeons, never-before-seen maps, character classes we never dreamed of, and a story that promises to reshape the Destiny universe as we know it. So Guardians, take a deep breath, holster your Gjallarhorns, and prepare to wait. The final form is coming, and when it does, it will be worth the wait.