GTA 6 novelties: What kind of changes are waiting for us?!


GTA 6 novelties: What kind of changes are waiting for us?!
© Chaos / Youtube Channel

Many are impatient before the new GTA 6 trailer that will appear tomorrow. Certain videos are already circulating on the Internet, but the question is how realistic they really are and whether it is GTA 6. Just three days before the first trailer for GTA 6 drops, another huge leak hit TikTok!

Supposedly, it's legit and was sneakily recorded by someone important at Rockstar North, Aaron Garbut. Okay, so we watched the vid ourselves. Rockstar and Take-Two are like, ninja-fast taking it down from the internet. But get this; It's showing parts of Vice City in this development setup, kinda like the leaks from last year.

Huge things we could see

So, Vice City looks amazing! The clip zooms over a highway in the suburbs. You can spot tall buildings far off, way bigger than what we saw in the middle of Los Santos. And it's for real 'cause you can catch glimpses of those same buildings from last year's leaks.

There are great expectations from GTA 6, and it is already being announced that it will break many records. The appearance of this video game has been awaited for years. Fans of this video game will finally have a chance to enjoy it.

And there's more! The person who leaked it mentioned some huge things that you must be excited about; 1. Vice City is apparently twice as big as Los Santos.
2. Besides Vice City, there are two other mega cities and four smaller ones on the map.

There is this massive lake chilling in the middle of the map. GTA 6 will bring many novelties to the gaming scene. This could be the beginning of a new era and revolution in gaming. Rockstar Games has been working on this project for years, which is certainly the biggest in their career. It's no wonder where so many expectations come from.