Epic Games' Holiday: Destiny 2 and 17 Days of Freebies

As they have done in recent years, during the Christmas season, the platform does its best to offer titles for free

by Sededin Dedovic
Epic Games' Holiday: Destiny 2 and 17 Days of Freebies
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Epic Games, the renowned creator of Fortnite, is once again spreading the holiday cheer by kicking off its annual holiday season. As part of this joyful tradition, the gaming giant is offering players the chance to dive into the stunning world of Destiny 2 with its latest gift – Destiny 2: Legacy Collection completely free.

Running now through December 20th, the Destiny 2 Legacy Collection is a comprehensive bundle that includes nearly every expansion ever released for the game. Although the latest expansion, 'Lightfall', is not included, players can still enjoy the adventures offered by Shadowkeep, Beyond Light and The Witch Queen.

If purchased separately, these expansions would cost a total of $70, making this giveaway a significant holiday treat for players. Epic studio has already accustomed us to its generosity, and this is one of a series of gifts.

In addition to this gift, Epic Games has more surprises

For those who have yet to explore Destiny's expansive universe, the Legacy Collection provides a great opportunity to catch up on exciting expansions. One notable feature is cross-platform ownership, allowing players to seamlessly access their expansions across all platforms by linking them to their Bungie account.

As an appetizer for the upcoming holiday feast, the Destiny 2 giveaway marks just the beginning. According to insider Billbil-kun, starting on December 20th, Epic Games will ramp up the excitement by giving away a new game every day until January 4th – a generous offering of 17 games in total.

Even if the Epic Games Store isn't your primary PC gaming platform, the seasonal promotion is known for its variety, making it a noteworthy event for all gaming enthusiasts. So whether you're a fan of Destiny 2 or simply looking to expand your gaming library, following Epic Games' daily giveaways will add an extra layer of joy to your holiday gaming experience.

Get ready for a gaming feast as Epic Games unwraps the joy of free titles, bringing warmth and excitement to the gaming community this holiday season.