Super Mario 64: Uncut - A Glimpse into the Lost Multiplayer Mode/ VIDEO

For the first time, we get to see what Super Mario 64's multiplayer looked like

by Sededin Dedovic
Super Mario 64: Uncut - A Glimpse into the Lost Multiplayer Mode/ VIDEO
© packattack04082 / Youtube channel

For more than two decades, there have been rumors of a discontinued multiplayer mode in the beloved Super Mario 64, featuring Mario's perpetually cranky brother Luigi. Now, a quiet upload to YouTube has revealed stunning footage from Nintendo's Space World from 1995, offering a glimpse into this lost chapter of gaming history.

A grainy VHS clip, apparently taken during the N64 launch, shows a short clip of the game. We see not one, but two figures exploring the early construction of Peach Castle – Mario, in his iconic red hat, and Luigi, in a green ensemble.

This fleeting moment, if authentic, marks the first confirmed sighting of Luigi in the classic N64 title, surpassing even the discovery of his in-game model hidden in leaked Nintendo files from 2020. This revelation sheds new light on the development of Super Mario 64.

Director Shigeru Miyamoto, in a 1996 interview, shed light on Luigi's intended inclusion. He envisioned a Lego-like room where Mario and Luigi could freely explore, hinting at a co-op playground within the sprawling castle.

This description is strikingly consistent with the YouTube video, further adding to its weight.

Memory problems at the time

The dream of a two-player adventure, however, remained unfulfilled. Miyamoto revealed that memory limitations during the final year of development forced the painful decision to remove Luigi.

He lamented this sacrifice, fearing that poorly implemented multiplayer could compromise the game's focus on exploration and discovery. A possible future emulation or code analysis could reveal the secrets of this hidden multiplayer mode, allowing fans to experience a version of the game that was never officially released.

New generations may not be happy with this news, but old fans of Super Mario will surely be delighted if the news appears that it is possible to try multiplayer. As of today, we have on X the first video of that multiplayer.

A user who carefully watched an older video showed a part of the video showing multiplayer gameplay on this social network. We can see Luigi in action for the first time in this multiplayer mode.