Release Date Revealed: PS5 Pro to Deliver Smoother Frame Rates and Stunning Visuals


Release Date Revealed: PS5 Pro to Deliver Smoother Frame Rates and Stunning Visuals
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Get ready, PlayStation fans, because whispers of a mid-generation upgrade are turning into reality. Well-known industry insider and Giant Bomb reporter Jeff Grubb fueled speculation about the launch of the PlayStation 5 Pro in late 2024, which could potentially mark a significant jump in the console's performance.

Grubb, known for his reliable leaks, claims to have confirmed reports of Sony's secret project. "That PS5 Pro leak is almost certainly real based on what I've heard now, and I'm obviously not the only one saying it out there, but I can throw my 'confirm, confirm, confirm' into the ring for everyone." While exact specifications remain under wraps, Grubb suggests a September 2024 launch date is "likely." This well-known reporter has already convinced us of his accurate "forecasts" many times, so you can start looking forward.

Sony's own DLSS technology

According to Grubb, the biggest advantage of the PS5 Pro is Sony's own DLSS-inspired upscaling technology. This AI-based solution promises to improve image quality, allowing developers to push games to higher resolutions and frame rates without sacrificing visual fidelity.

It's a move that could potentially rival Nvidia's DLSS, currently exclusive to PC gaming. In addition to the upgrade, the PS5 Pro is rumored to have double the hardware acceleration of ray tracing. This could translate into stunningly realistic lighting and shadows, further immersing players in the game world.

While Sony hasn't officially confirmed the PS5 Pro's existence, the timing aligns with their previous console upgrade patterns. The PlayStation 4 Pro arrived three years after the base model, and the PS5 itself is now approaching its third anniversary.

Of course, take these rumors with a healthy dose of skepticism until official confirmation arrives. However, the prospect of a more powerful PS5 with premium features like DLSS is undoubtedly exciting for PlayStation enthusiasts.

The potential for smoother framerates, sharper visuals could significantly extend the life of the PS5 and potentially shake up the console landscape. So, mark your calendars for the end of 2024 and keep an eye out for official announcements from Sony.