Hackers released over 1.3 million files Insomniac Games: Sony and Marvel Deal Exposed

The hacker group released the data on Monday evening, after they were not paid the asking price of 2 million dollars

by Sededin Dedovic
Hackers released over 1.3 million files Insomniac Games: Sony and Marvel Deal Exposed
© Irfanz Knowledge Factory/ Youtube channel

The notorious ransomware group Rhysida has carried out its threat by releasing over 1.3 million files stolen from Insomniac Games. The disclosure, which occurred a week after the original hack, was prompted by the group's claim that no customer was willing to meet their $2 million ransom demand.

They gave them a certain time to pay the money, which in the end did not happen, so they published a whole series of data. The staggering volume of data, at nearly 1.7 terabytes, includes a wide range of information, from game release dates and spoilers for the highly anticipated Wolverine title to highly sensitive employee data.

Cyber Daily first reported the severity of the breach, shedding light on the alarming details of the leaked information. This news has also worried other producers of video games and the big studios that have given support to Insomniac Games.

Among the most troubling revelations are internal employee personnel documents, tax information, internal company messages, computer details, contract termination forms and even passport information. The exposure of such sensitive data raises serious concerns about the potential misuse of personal data and the impact on affected individuals.

Sony, Marvel, X-Men

The leak also revealed a significant deal between Sony and Marvel related to the development and publishing of X-Men games. The agreement, which takes effect from July 2021, was signed by key figures Jim Ryan and Isaac Perlmutter.

The deal covers a total of three X-Men games, with the recently announced Wolverine title being the first project under this collaboration. Recently, the growing threat of ransomware attacks in the gaming industry has been noticed, highlighting the need for strong cyber security measures to protect both intellectual property and personal data of employees.

As companies continue to grapple with the fallout from such incidents, the wider implications for data security and privacy are now more apparent than ever. This will definitely be a turning point for Insomniac Games but also video games globally.