Sony's PlayStation 5 Reigns Supreme: Xbox Just Can't Match It in 2023


Sony's PlayStation 5 Reigns Supreme: Xbox Just Can't Match It in 2023
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In the battle for supremacy in the game console market, the Sony PlayStation 5 emerged as the clear winner, outselling the Microsoft Xbox Series X/S by nearly three to one, according to estimates by analysts Ampere Analysis.

Sony, with high hopes for its PS5, has set an ambitious target of shipping 25 million units this year, aiming to surpass the impressive sales record of its predecessor, the PS4, which reached 117.4 million units sold. The latest figures show that Sony is well on its way to achieving this goal, with over 50 million PS5 consoles already sold.

In contrast, Microsoft faces challenges in capturing the market, with Ampere Analysis estimating sales of 7.6 million Xbox Series X/S consoles in 2023. This pales in comparison to the robust 22.5 million PlayStation 5 consoles predicted to be sold in the same period.

3 PS5s are sold while 1 xbox is sold

The figures reveal a significant gap between PlayStation and Xbox sales, with PS5 devices outselling their Xbox counterparts by almost three to one. Year-over-year, PS5 sales have increased by nearly 65%, highlighting strong demand for Sony's gaming console.

While these figures are estimates rather than confirmed sales figures, the trends point to Sony's dominance of the current console market. It is significant that Microsoft does not disclose specific sales figures for the Xbox series in its reports.

However, the company accidentally revealed the market share of Xbox Gen9 consoles at the recent BIG Festival in Brazil, and the slide shows that as of July 2023, more than 21 million Xbox Series X/S consoles have been sold.

In comparison, Sony shipped 38.4 million PlayStation 5 consoles during the same period. Sony's PlayStation 5 is winning the hearts of gamers around the world, showing its position as the leader in the console market. We must emphasize that this is the current picture with this generation of consoles, while in earlier years Xbox dominated the market.