Get Ready to Risk It All in Star Wars Outlaws, Open-World Adventure Coming This Year

Star Wars Outlaws is an upcoming third-person open-world action-adventure game that looks to offer the ultimate Star Wars experience, including stealth; open combat; space battles and more

by Sededin Dedovic
Get Ready to Risk It All in Star Wars Outlaws, Open-World Adventure Coming This Year
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Get ready to blast your way over the outer rim, Star Wars fans! The long-awaited open-world adventure Star Wars Outlaws has finally peeked out of hyperspace with a potential release window. While whispers of a 2024 launch have been almost daily, the official Disney Parks Blog has seemingly narrowed it down to the second half of this year.

First announced in 2021, this action-packed open-world adventure features you as the plucky Kay Vess. Step into the boots of this up-and-coming rogue, along with her trusty companion Nix, as you navigate the treacherous and thrilling depths of the Star Wars universe.

From iconic planets like Tatooine to the unexplored corners of the Outer Rim, the galaxy awaits your exploration. The Disney Parks blog teases a look at the Star Wars outlaw world: "Risk it all like Kay Wes... If you're willing to take risks, the galaxy is full of possibilities.

" This cryptic message whispers of thrilling heists, daring gambits, and perhaps even a clash with the infamous Empire. Whether you choose stealth sabotage or raging brawls, Star Wars Outlaws promises a diverse sandbox of possibilities for any aspiring outlaw.

Second half of 2024

While the exact release date is still shrouded in fog, this leak suggests that Ubisoft Massive is aiming for a launch between July and December 2024. This is in line with previous whispers from the developer, hinting at a delay from the initial target of early 2024.

We hope that this extra development time will ensure a smooth and polished adventure for all those eagerly awaiting the game. The glimpses we got of Star Wars Outlaws were nothing short of magnificent. From thrilling chases across the dunes of Tatooine to tense spaceship battles in the middle of asteroid fields, the game seems to offer a truly immersive open-world experience that taps into the very essence of Star Wars.

So, strap on your blasters, dust off your smuggler's grin, and get ready for a thrilling adventure when Star Wars Outlaws launches later this year. Will you choose the cunning path of a skilled con artist or the explosive thrills of a blaster-wielding outlaw? The choice is yours and the possibilities are limitless in this upcoming intergalactic heist.

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