CD Projekt Red Shuts Down Acquisition Rumors:The Witcher Studio Eyes Ambitious Future

The company is starting 2024 by making it clear that it is not interested in merging with a larger company and plans to remain and continue to grow as an independent company

by Sededin Dedovic
CD Projekt Red Shuts Down Acquisition Rumors:The Witcher Studio Eyes Ambitious Future
© Blakwoodz / Youtube channel

Despite the massive success of "The Witcher" and "Cyberpunk 2077" series, whispers of a potential takeover have been following CD Projekt Red for years. However, the Polish developer started 2024 by putting those rumors to rest with a resounding no, reaffirming their unwavering commitment to remain an independent force in the gaming world.

In a recent interview with Polish media outlet Parkiet, CD Projekt Red's chief strategy officer, Adam Kiciński, cleared up doubts. "We are not interested in integrating into any larger entity," he said. "All our lives we have worked in the position we currently occupy.

We believe that in a few years we will be even bigger and stronger." CD Projekt Red has a strong pipeline of projects that speak volumes for their ambitious vision. A "Witcher" spin-off, a complete remake of the first "Witcher" game, a completely new "Witcher" trilogy, and even a sequel to the cyberpunk behemoth "Cyberpunk 2077" - the studio is full of creative energy.

The success of their existing ventures is not abating either. Both "The Witcher 3" and "Cyberpunk 2077" continue to post strong sales, further bolstered by the latter's critically acclaimed "Phantom Liberty" expansion. This financial stability provides a solid basis for their independent travel, although they themselves admitted that there were more offers.

The release time of the biggest titles is not yet known

Of course, the timelines of these upcoming projects remain shrouded in mystery. A "Cyberpunk" sequel and the next "Witcher" game are likely still years away, requiring massive development efforts.

However, smaller projects like the "Witcher" remake or the intriguing spin-off "The Molasses Flood" could materialize sooner, offering gamers a taste of what's to come. CD Projekt Red's position on independence is more than a simple business decision, as they themselves stated that they wanted a greater form of creative freedom, autonomy of programmers, and selling would certainly not bring them that.

In a world where industry consolidation seems almost inevitable, they are one of the few examples that have resisted mostly thanks to very good previous business. Challenges will undoubtedly arise, but one thing is certain – they will face them head on, fueled by their own artistic vision.