Gold Rush Continues: Deep Rock Galactic Sees Record-Breaking Sales in 2023

Deep Rock Galactic is a fun co-op first-person shooter that sees players working together to mine underground resources in fully destructible environments, all the while trying to fend off hordes of enemies coming at them

by Sededin Dedovic
Gold Rush Continues: Deep Rock Galactic Sees Record-Breaking Sales in 2023
© Ghost Ship Games / Youtube channel

Deep Rock Galactic, the beloved co-op shooter where dwarven miners tumble through procedurally generated caverns, has struck gold again. Ghost Ship Games, the developers behind this underground gem, recently released their annual Deep Rock Galactic Yearbook, and the numbers are truly impressive.

With a whopping 8 million copies sold to date, it's clear that Deep Rock Galactic has worked its way into the hearts (and pickaxes) of gamers around the world. These figures are proof of the worldwide popularity of this video game.

An infographic shared by Ghost Ship Games paints a fascinating picture of the game's community. From the most popular character class (engineers, of course) to the number of beer dwarves downed after a hard day's work (over 123 million!), the data reveals a vibrant world buzzing with camaraderie and explosions.

And of course, there is the undeniable statistic that shines the most: 8 million copies sold.

PS Plus and GamePass

This growth is particularly significant given the availability of Deep Rock Galactic on subscription services such as PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass.

While these services undoubtedly expand the game's reach, the impressive sales figures demonstrate a dedicated and passionate player base. The game is given away for free as part of the Xbox Game Pass services - meaning the total number of players is much higher than the number of copies sold.

2023 proved to be the game's most successful year to date, with over 2.5 million copies sold. This upward trajectory can be traced back to 2018, when the journey began with a modest 502,312 copies. Each subsequent year brought more and more miners, showing a steady rise in popularity and critical acclaim.

With multiple projects currently in development at Ghost Ship Games, Deep Rock Galactic's future is bright and its upward trajectory in popularity hints at a record breaking 2024. Deep Rock Galactic is a great example of how continuous development can create a truly outstanding experience and ultimately celebrate success.