Epic Games Store: A Six-Year Odyssey of Free Gaming

The Epic Games Store was launched more than six years ago and is doing an impressive job for gamers who want to enjoy famous titles without additional costs

by Sededin Dedovic
Epic Games Store: A Six-Year Odyssey of Free Gaming
© Epic Games / Youtube channel

Launched more than six years ago, the Epic Games Store has become a haven for gamers who want to enjoy acclaimed titles without breaking the bank. Since its inception, the store has consistently provided a range of free games, enticing players with a diverse range of experiences.

What started as a weekly giveaway has evolved into a grand gesture, with the total value of the free games exceeding $10,000, which speaks volumes for the Epic Games Store's commitment to its players. In its first year, the Epic Games Store started the trend of giving away free titles every week, attracting the attention of gamers around the world.

As of 2020, the store has already given away over $2,000 worth of games. Fast forward to today, and that number has quintupled to an impressive $10,000 in total value. This exponential growth reflects the store's commitment to provide its users with a quality gaming experience, but also the result of a marketing move such as free games.

PCGamesN reveals that the Epic Games Store has distributed a whopping 393 free titles over the past six years, maintaining a consistent schedule of one free game per week since 2019. While many of these games come from independent developers, the store has also made headlines by offering major titles at no cost.

The Grand Theft Auto trilogy, the Tomb Raider trilogy, the Batman Arkham trilogy, Control and numerous other high-profile releases found their way into the hands of grateful gamers. In addition to weekly giveaways, the Epic Games Store goes above and beyond during the holiday season.

Every December, players get a daily free game, creating a festive atmosphere and spreading joy among the gaming community as was the case in past holidays. Despite the massive generosity, the Epic Games Store has faced financial challenges.

Recent reports indicate that the company has had to lay off nearly 1,000 employees as it seeks to expand its presence in the competitive PC gaming market and increase its profitability with downsizing. The Epic Games Store has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the gaming industry, its commitment to providing a wide range of free-to-play titles, including major releases, shows its commitment to giving back to its loyal fans.

Fans have recognized it and Epic Games is threatening to take the throne from Steam as the strongest video game provider.