War Hospital: Be a doctor in a hospital during the First World War

Step into the chaotic world of War Hospital, where every decision counts as you manage a British military infirmary on the Western Front during the tumultuous final year of World War I

by Sededin Dedovic
War Hospital: Be a doctor in a hospital during the First World War
© Raptor / Youtube channel

Have you ever imagined what it was like to be a medical staff during the war, now you have the opportunity to see what it was like to be a medical team during the Great War. Doctors barely have anything to patch up the wounded, enemy forces are bombarding you.

This is what you can expect in the strategic title War Hospital, which will surely appeal to everyone who likes the theme of the First World War. War Hospital is a great game in which you manage a British military hospital somewhere on the Western Front of the First World War during 1918.

You are in a nameless French town, in the ruins of which your noble institution has sprung up, where you will treat wounded soldiers, and depending on your decisions - maybe some civilians too. The core of the gameplay in War Hospital is about making decisions: who and when to save because time is short and resources even less.

Different types of units, or hospital staff, are at your disposal. The most important is of course the doctor. In the beginning, you have one surgeon in charge of treating shot soldiers, but as you progress, special doctors enter the scene, such as those in charge of treating wounds caused by burns from various battle poisons and gases.

The game really well conveyed the harsh atmosphere of the Great War, and believe me, you will not be able to remain indifferent either, especially those who are familiar with the details of this war, because the game is closely related to the real situations that happened.

War Hospital Gameplay© Raptor / Youtube channel

The wounded are first brought to the examination station where you get important information about them: their condition, how progressive their wound is, i.e.

the pain they are experiencing, the expected time of medical intervention, the complexity of the operation and the likelihood of survival. So you have to work literally like a real doctor and the game is incredibly realistic in that regard.

You also have engineers that you can order to build the facility or upgrade it, depending on the current situation you are in. A timely decision is needed in order to be ready for the arrival of new wounded from the front.

Scouts visit the surrounding villages and groves in search of resources and people they can help. Their missions consist of short stories of the events they experienced, but that is not so important for the very essence of the game.

Medical teams tirelessly transfer patients from the examination station to the hospital, and then, depending on the outcome, to the cemetery or rehabilitation center, whose work requires at least one nurse. In other facilities, the presence of nurses increases the chances of a successful operation.

You need to deploy the staff in the right way, and it is very important that it be proactive because time is also very important.

War Hospital Gameplay© Raptor / Youtube channel

The death of a wounded person can also result from an unsuccessful operation, so you start questioning the ability of your doctors, the game has covered almost every part, we have to admit that we did not expect such a realistic depiction of a hospital during such a bloody war as the First World War.

Fatigue is an important gameplay link in this game because you have to make sure that your staff rests in time, otherwise they will pass out. So you will lose personnel and you will have to wait for them to recover in order to continue working, and maybe at that very moment a few wounded people will arrive for whom you do not have enough personnel to help them.

You decide when the patient is fit enough to leave the hospital. In case the general morale of your town is quite low, you can raise it by disbanding the healed soldiers. Another option is to send the cured person to the HQ, that is, the central base to continue his service.

The army rewards you with resources needed to build buildings or order food. The third and most interesting option is that you can decide that the patient is fit to return to the front, which most patients do not accept well.

Near the hospital is your set of trenches that need to be filled with healed soldiers. Enemy forces are constantly launching attacks on you every few days. If you don't have enough fighters in the trench to defend you your hospital "falls" and it's game over, you have to keep an eye on this because the game won't warn you about it all the time.

VIP wounded can come to your auxiliary clinic. These are soldiers who became heroes on the battlefield, or soldiers whose parents are wealthy dignitaries and generals. There will be interesting cases, a mother who begs you to declare her last son unfit and she has already lost five of them, you will have to make such decisions.

War Hospital may not have a classy story, but it is a very dynamic game that consistently conveys the pressure under which the medical staff of a hospital worked during the very brutal First World War.