Forget EA Sports! A new era of soccer gaming begins with 2K Games

According to Insider Gaming editor Mike Straw, FIFA wants to return in cooperation with 2K Games

by Sededin Dedovic
Forget EA Sports! A new era of soccer gaming begins with 2K Games
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The decision by FIFA and EA Sports to end their long-standing collaboration on the FIFA series has left a void in the soccer simulation market. But it looks like that void will soon be filled with a new, potentially exciting partnership.

According to recent speculations, FIFA is in talks with 2K Games to develop a new FIFA-branded soccer game. This possibility raises many questions and opens the door to interesting scenarios for the future of football gaming.

According to Insider Gaming editor Mike Straw, FIFA reportedly wants to return to "home ground" in cooperation with 2K Games. First of all, the motivations behind the potential collaboration are intriguing. FIFA is apparently unhappy with the financial deal with EA Sports, demanding higher licensing fees for its name and the World Cup.

2K Games, on the other hand, has never entered the soccer simulation market, but has a wealth of experience with other successful sports franchises such as NBA 2K and WWE 2K. This partnership would represent an opportunity for them to break into the profitable genre of football games.

What would a soccer simulation from FIFA and 2K Games look like? It's hard to say for sure, but there are reasons for optimism. 2K is known for deep and engaging career modes in its games, which could increase the attractiveness of the new soccer simulation.

Also, 2K has a good track record of incorporating microtransactions into its games, which could provide additional revenue for FIFA. However, there are also challenges. The football simulation genre already has dominant players like EA Sports FC and eFootball.

Entering the market with already established competitors will not be easy. 2K will need to make a compelling game with innovative elements and strong licenses to win over players. Furthermore, the issue of licensing is unclear.

Will the new game have access to the names of players, clubs and leagues like the FIFA series did? If not, can it compete with EA Sports FC owning those licenses? Regardless of all the uncertainties, the possibility of cooperation between FIFA and 2K Games caused the admiration of fans of the cult FIFA game, whose golden era lasted for more than a decade.

If realized, this collaboration could spark healthy competition and ultimately result in better and more innovative soccer simulations for all of us. In addition, this could lead to new opportunities. Some sources speculate that the collaboration could extend to the 2K Lego franchise, opening the door for a family-friendly soccer game featuring Lego characters that would garner a lot of attention from gamers.