Remastering Devil May Cry for Modern Audiences: Dante returns even stronger

Hideki Kamiya wants to make a remake of the original Devil May Cry from 2001 with modern graphics technology

by Sededin Dedovic
Remastering Devil May Cry for Modern Audiences: Dante returns even stronger
© OfficialDivine / Youtube

Devil May Cry, one of the most exciting and influential franchises in the modern world of video games, is deeply rooted in the hearts of gamers around the world. Although several years have passed since the last major release, the fifth part of which dawned in 2019, this series still shines like a star in the sky of action games.

The first game from 2001 laid the foundation for what would become one of the most beloved franchises and set the standard for the action game genre at the time. It was ahead of its time, bringing a revolutionary combat system that inspired many titles that came later, including blockbusters like God of War.

Although almost two decades have passed since its first release, the first game still carries its charm and importance in the gaming world. However, as is usually the case with games over two decades old, technological advancements and the evolution of the gaming experience are inevitable.

While the original game is still captivating, it would be exciting to see how it would look in a modern guise. That's exactly what Hideki Kamiya, the legendary director behind the first Devil May Cry, pointed out as a possibility.

After his involvement with Platinum Games, Kamiya became quite active on YouTube, sharing his thoughts and experiences in the video game industry with the audience. When asked by fans about a possible remake of the original Devil May Cry, Kamiya expressed interest in the idea.

"I would like to create games like that, but with modern graphics," he stated. This expression of interest is not surprising, given his deep connection to the franchise and his desire to see it rebuilt and improved. In addition, Kamiya also mentioned his interest in working on other franchises like Okami and Bayonetta.

While many of these games have already received their HD ports and remasters, there's something about creating an entirely new experience with modern technology that's irresistible to creators like him. When it comes to potential gameplay changes in the remake, Kamiya suggested that he might introduce new elements to enrich the player's experience.

One of the ideas that has been mentioned is the inclusion of Dante's switching style from the fourth part. This mechanic, which was later added to Devil May Cry 3 for Nintendo Switch, brings a new dimension to the game, giving players more tactical options and depth in the combat system.

The Devil May Cry franchise already has its place in the history of video games and hardly anyone has not heard of this game, a possible remake of the original game could rekindle the passion and excitement.