Analyzing Epic Games Store's Growth: Insights from 2023

Epic Games has released its 2023 preview, revealing a number of interesting statistics related to the Epic Games Store

by Sededin Dedovic
Analyzing Epic Games Store's Growth: Insights from 2023
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Epic Games recently released its outlook for 2023, providing insight into some impressive statistics related to the Epic Games Store. Although there has been slow growth, even regression in some aspects, the PC store has managed to surpass the figure of 270 million registered users.

Epic Games' steady growth continues, and Steam could face stiff competition in the coming years. The 2023 preview for the Epic Games Store, which is available for detailed viewing, reveals that last year was a huge success for the platform, with over 270 million users on PC, an increase of 40 million over the previous year.

. One of the impressive figures is that EGS managed to attract 75 million monthly active users in December last year alone, compared to 68 million in previous periods. This led to a daily peak of 36.1 million active users. Epic Games is taking a sure step towards becoming the leading gaming platform in the world.

When it comes to comparison with the competition, the peak number of concurrent users on the Steam platform is around 33.7 million. However, it should be noted that peak daily users and peak daily active users may be two different metrics that reflect different aspects of user engagement.

On the positive side, during 2023, Epic Games gave away a total of 86 games whose total value exceeded $2000, measured by suggested retail price (RRP). Additionally, with nearly 586 million games downloaded, each free-to-play title has been downloaded by an average of 6.8 million users.

It's interesting to consider how all of these numbers would have been different if Epic Games had decided to end its free-to-play program. Fortunately, for users, that hasn't happened yet. This data provides insight into the continued growth and success of the Epic Games Store, highlighting its popularity among users and the significant role it plays in the world of digital game distribution.

Given the continued development of the platform and strategy aimed at user engagement, we can expect that Epic Games will continue to be a key player in the gaming market in the coming years.