Age of Empires Returns: Mobile Strategy Gets a Modern Makeover

The famous strategy game series Age of Empires will appear on mobile platforms in a free-to-play version

by Sededin Dedovic
Age of Empires Returns: Mobile Strategy Gets a Modern Makeover
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The cult game series Age of Empires is coming to mobile devices for the second time, but this time in a free-to-play format, opening the doors of the strategy genre to a wider audience than ever before. The first attempt of the series to break into the mobile scene was way back in 2003, when the market was dominated by brands like Siemens, Nokia, Panasonic, Sagem and Sharp.

However, Age of Empires Mobile, which is being developed by Xbox Game Studio in collaboration with TiMi Studio Group (known for the game Honor of Kings), represents a full-blooded and serious entry of the franchise into the mobile world.

Although the game will bear the name Age of Empires and retain some fundamental mechanics, the developers emphasize that it is a separate game with a fresh approach. Instead of classic real-time strategy gameplay, Age of Empires Mobile will mix different mechanics to provide a modern and accessible strategy experience on mobile devices.

The game's free-to-play model probably involves microtransactions, but there is no official information about that yet. For now, a 1v1 multiplayer mode is confirmed, while the game is expected to receive additional content after release.

The game is currently being tested in select markets, with a global launch expected later this year.

What awaits us in Age of Empires Mobile?

Although the details of the game have not yet been fully revealed, based on the available information we can expect: Famous Civilizations and Military Units: The game will likely feature famous civilizations like the British, French, Chinese, and Japanese, each with their own unique military units and technologies.
Modern and accessible design: Management and gameplay will be adapted to mobile devices, allowing for an intuitive and satisfying experience.
Different game modes: In addition to the confirmed 1v1 multiplayer, it is possible to expect other game modes, such as cooperative play or PvE battles against AI opponents.
Free-to-play model: The game will be free to download and play, but will likely feature microtransactions for additional content or enhancements.
With Age of Empires Mobile, Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios are trying to revive the iconic series on the mobile platform, offering a strategy experience to a wider audience.

The game promises an interesting blend of familiar elements and modern design, but the final success will depend on the quality of execution, game balance and microtransaction model. With the global launch eagerly awaited, we can only follow the game's development and see if Age of Empires Mobile manages to conquer mobile strategies.