Nikkei revealed a new Nintendo Switch 2 release date

Although it was expected that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be released at the end of 2024, it seems that we will have to wait a little longer

by Sededin Dedovic
Nikkei revealed a new Nintendo Switch 2 release date
© Chaos / Youtube channel

Since the beginning of 2024, the Nintendo Switch 2 has become the subject of intense speculation and anticipation among gamers around the world. The successor to the popular console was originally believed to launch in late 2024, however, a recent report suggests that the target date is moving to the first quarter of 2025, which is confirmed by new sources and research by Nikkei.

According to the latest report from Nikkei, the launch of the console is scheduled for March 2025. Although almost all sources agree with the new planned launch date of 2025 and although it is earlier than the original date, fans of Nintendo consoles will have to wait a little longer before their longing for new hardware is satisfied.

However, the same report reveals the reasons for this expected break in the schedule. According to suggestions from Nikkei, the Nintendo Switch 2 will likely retain a similar functional design as the original console. With the ability to connect and use manually, the new hardware will be instantly recognizable to existing users of Nintendo platforms.

While many fans will likely feel disappointed at the launch delay, the move was necessary for several reasons. Nintendo wants to make sure it has enough inventory to meet demand during the first year of sales. According to sources, the company plans to produce 10 million units during its first fiscal year.

Furthermore, they want to ensure that the Nintendo Switch 2 comes with a strong line-up of games right from the start. They emphasized that this is the most important thing for them with this console in order to get the full potential.

Recently, consoles like the Xbox Series S|X have had little to offer in terms of exclusive games at launch, so Nintendo doesn't want to repeat the same mistake. Preparing an impressive range of games to launch can be key to attracting consumers and achieving success in the marketplace.

So while the launch delay may cause disappointment for fans, Nintendo has a long-term goal of making sure the Switch 2 is a huge success from the start. This delay also provides an opportunity to further improve and test the console, to ensure it delivers the high-quality gaming experience gamers have come to expect from Nintendo products. So, while we wait for the arrival of the Nintendo Switch 2, we can be sure that something extraordinary will await us.