Xbox plans white digital-only Xbox Series X model: Better cooling and 2 TB of storage

In addition to better cooling and 2 TB of memory, what attracts the most attention is the price, which should be $399, $100 cheaper than the current version

by Sededin Dedovic
Xbox plans white digital-only Xbox Series X model: Better cooling and 2 TB of storage
© Brad Sams / Youtube channel

Last year, there were whispers surrounding Microsoft's plan for an all-digital Xbox Series X. While the company vehemently denied any intention to abandon physical media at the time, new rumors suggest that a digital version of the console could be around the corner.

This potential iteration not only offers a streamlined experience but potentially new color options and internal upgrades, changing the look and feel of the Xbox we've grown accustomed to all these years. Strong competition from Playstation and Nintendo has forced Microsoft to try some unconventional and marketing moves in order to keep up with the constant technological progress that we have witnessed in recent years.

Aesthetics and affordability: Acceptance of white and potential price drop

The most striking detail of the rumored console is its bold white color scheme. This would be the first time the Series X would deviate from its standard black design, potentially appealing to those who prefer a lighter aesthetic.

However, the attraction doesn't stop there. According to reports, this digital-only iteration could also boast an improved cooling system, hinting at potential performance improvements. Let's remember what problems there were with Xbox devices of previous generations when launching the most demanding titles at the time of the change of console generations.

But the most exciting and player-interesting aspect of the rumor lies in the potential for a lower price. The current X Series retails for $499, and this new version is expected to be $50 to $100 cheaper. This significant reduction could appeal to a wider audience, especially budget-conscious gamers, and further fuel competition in the console market.

So with a new design and a better cooling system, you also get a lower price, which it is assumed will not go below $399, which is the assumed new price. Looking at the prices of the new consoles, this will certainly attract many players to give the Xbox Series X White only digital version a chance.

Xbox Series X© Tim Schofeild / Youtube channel

Echoes of the Past: Rumors of a redesign resurface

We could already hear whispers about the fully digital Series X in previous leaks that appeared last year. These leaks showed a mid-generation redesign featuring a disc drive-less console with a sleek, cylindrical design.

Although the initial rumors were dismissed, their re-emergence along with the details of the white version gives them renewed credibility. A lot is happening in the world of consoles, and it seems that we are once again witnessing the "war" of the strongest companies.

However, the leak extends beyond aesthetics, hinting at potential internal upgrades for the digital-only Series X. The revamped console is rumored to boast an impressive 2TB of storage capacity, doubling the base memory offered by the current model.

This would provide enough space for a growing game library, eliminating the need for external storage solutions for many users. And considering that the loudest titles of recent years can contain several hundred gigabytes each, this is a significant improvement.

Adding to the intrigue, the leaks also suggest the inclusion of a USB Type-C port on the front of the console. This port, unlike traditional Type-A ports, offers higher data rates and improved power delivery, potentially opening the door for future functionality.

Really impressive announcements, if at least for the most part they turn out to be true, Xbox will make a strong return to the scene with a new console.

The competitive landscape and Sony's move

The rumored release of this all-digital Series X sometime this summer coincides perfectly with the lifespan of the current generation of consoles.

We're about four years into the current generation, and historically, manufacturers have introduced mid-generation refreshes in this time frame. This strategic timing allows companies to address potential design flaws and capitalize on the competitive landscape.

Interestingly, Sony, the main competitor in the console market, recently unveiled a redesigned version of the PS5 in late 2023. This slimmer variation offers a detachable disc drive, serving both digital and physical media users and potentially influencing Microsoft's strategy.

A completely digital future? A look ahead

The potential arrival of the all-digital Xbox Series X marks a significant shift in the console market. Whether this represents a definitive shift towards a fully digital future or simply offers an alternative for certain audience segments remains to be seen.

However, the launch of this rumored version, if true, will undoubtedly shake things up and give gamers even more choices when it comes to the next generation of consoles. As the summer months approach, we can expect to see if these rumors turn into reality.

Players can certainly be satisfied because stronger competition means more quality for less money. And the $399 Xbox digital-only S seems really tempting for the money. An exciting summer awaits us, and it's clear that video games are once again experiencing their heyday.