Lego's Latest Additions to Fortnite: New Games, New Adventures

Epic and Lego first announced their partnership in 2022, and as part of today's announcement, Lego said that Lego Fortnite's journey is just beginning

by Sededin Dedovic
Lego's Latest Additions to Fortnite: New Games, New Adventures
© LEGO Fortnite / YOutube channel

Fortnite's transformation into a gaming platform continues to expand with the addition of new games from the Lego world. After the launch of Lego Fortnite in December, which was similar to the popular Minecraft, Lego decided to expand the offer within Fortnite with two more new titles.

These new titles represent a new dimension of fun within the already vast world of Fortnite. The first addition is a multiplayer game called Lego Raft Survival, which allows players to team up and survive on makeshift rafts.

This game adds elements of cooperation and survival to the already exciting world of Fortnite, giving players a whole new kind of experience. With its LEGO style and dynamic environment, Lego Raft Survival promises to be the new favorite destination for players around the world.

Another addition is an obstacle course called Lego Obbi Fun, which tests players' speed, dexterity and puzzle-solving skills. This game brings challenging and creative obstacles that players will have to overcome to get through the level.

With plenty of laughs and fun, Lego Obbi Fun adds a new dimension of fun to the Fortnite world. Both of these games were created using the Unreal Editor tool for Fortnite, which guarantees a high level of quality and integration with existing in-game content.

This means that players will be able to enjoy these new titles without any problems and fully enjoy the experience they offer. This launch of new Lego games comes as Epic tries to expand Fortnite beyond its core battle royale game concept.

In addition to the fight for survival, Fortnite now offers a variety of experiences within the game itself. In addition to Lego Fortnite, other fun titles like the arcade racer Rocket Racing and the music game Fortnite Festival were recently added.

The collaboration between Epic and Lego began back in 2022, and this announcement only confirms their commitment to expanding and improving the Fortnite experience. Lego announced that this is just the beginning of their journey in the Fortnite world and that new buildings, gameplay functionalities and Lego styled costumes will be added during 2024.

In addition to working with Lego, Epic also partnered with Disney. In early February, Disney announced a $1.5 billion investment in the Fortnite developer with the goal of creating an "expansive and open universe of games and entertainment" related to Fortnite. This collaboration promises more exciting and creative additions to the already rich world of Fortnite.