Elden Ring Gets Big Expansion: Release Date & Features Revealed

The biggest and probably only expansion will bring ten new main enemies, eight additional weapon categories, as well as a wide range of equipment and skills for players to choose from.

by Sededin Dedovic
Elden Ring Gets Big Expansion: Release Date & Features Revealed
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A new expansion for Elden Ring called "Shadow of Erdtree" promises to expand the already rich world of the original game. The first and possibly only expansion for Elden Ring arrives on June 21st. Hidetaka Miyazaki, the genius behind FromSoftware, revealed tons of details about this upcoming add-on during a conversation with Eurogamer.

It was he and his team who created this game, with the support of George R.R. Martin, and now takes us deeper into the mythological universe of Elden Ring. Although the action of the expansion will take place in the world already known from the original game, Realm of Shadow will open up new horizons of exploration for players.

This time, we will follow the paths of Mikel, which promises an intriguing story that will expand our understanding of the Elden Ring universe. The new areas that we will visit have become a matter of special pride in the team that created them, which suggests carefully designed landscapes that will delight players.

One of the key improvements in this expansion is the variety of terrain. While Lands Between Runes was known for its variety, Realm of Shadow will surprise us with new landscapes, requiring players to use teleportation to explore and move between areas.

From vast open territories to dark caves and dungeons, the expansion world promises a rich experience that will keep the player's attention. Special attention was paid to the design of new enemies, of which there will be ten new main opponents.

Each of them brings its own unique challenge to the player, adding depth to combat and strategy. In addition, the expansion will introduce eight additional weapon categories, giving players more choice in how to combat these new threats.

Additionally, a wide range of new gear and skills will allow players to tailor their playstyle to their preferences and tactics. One of the most exciting additions to the expansion is a new poison swamp that will provide additional challenge and mystery to explorers.

Miyazaki expressed his enthusiasm for the area's design, hinting that players will be exposed to something completely new and exciting. "Of course, there will be large open areas, caves, dungeons, but we experimented a little more to improve the gaming experience and make it more diverse," Miyazaki pointed out.

With all this new content, "Shadow of Erdtree" promises to expand the already rich and deep universe of Elden Ring and provide them with new challenges and adventures.