The Force Remains Strong: Star Wars Jedi Sequel on Track Despite Industry Woes

In a sea of gaming cancellations, the future of Star Wars Jedi shines bright with EA confirming development of the next installment

by Sededin Dedovic
The Force Remains Strong: Star Wars Jedi Sequel on Track Despite Industry Woes
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As the gaming industry grapples with a wave of cancellations, one major franchise is standing strong: Star Wars Jedi. Despite the recent setback of Respawn Entertainment's Star Wars Mandalorian, Electronic Arts (EA) has officially confirmed the ongoing development of a third Star Wars Jedi title.

The news echoes earlier confirmations from Cameron Monaghan, the actor portraying Cal Kestis, and job postings hinting at a potential trilogy for the franchise. However, this latest statement carries the most weight, coming directly from the publisher himself.

EA's unwavering commitment to the Star Wars Jedi project is a welcome reassurance for fans. With The Mandalorian Project shelved, Respawn Entertainment can now more efficiently direct its resources towards this long-awaited sequel.

This potential reallocation of resources could boost the development process, potentially leading to an even more ambitious and polished experience. Furthermore, EA emphasized the continued progress of its previously announced Black Panther and Iron Man games.

Additionally, established in-house franchises like Battlefield, despite the closure of a separate studio, remain unchanged in any meaningful way. While the closure of Ridgeline Games, formed specifically to support Battlefield, marks a strategic shift, the franchise itself is secured under the newly formed team.

While the cancellation of The Mandalorian may cast a temporary shadow, it's crucial to remember Respawn's proven success with the Star Wars Jedi series. The team's dedication and passion have already brought critical acclaim and commercial success for the first two installments.

This turn of events can serve as additional motivation for the developers, pushing them to create a truly memorable ending to Cal Kestis' journey and solidify the Star Wars Jedi series as a pillar of strength in the gaming landscape.

This news marks a glimmer of hope amid the current uncertainties in the industry. It shows EA's commitment to delivering high-quality experiences within established franchises like Star Wars Jedi, potentially setting the stage for an exciting conclusion to the Cal Kestis saga. But we will see in the time ahead, although we have enough reasons for optimism.

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