Will Sadie Sink Become Aloy: Netflix is making a Horizon: Zero dawn series?

The TV adaptation of Horizon Zero Dawn was approved on May 26, Sony confirmed that the series is being developed based on Horizon, but it was also confirmed that Netflix is making a Horizon series

by Sededin Dedovic
Will Sadie Sink Become Aloy: Netflix is making a Horizon: Zero dawn series?
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The world of Horizon Zero Dawn, created by Guerilla Games, won players over with its captivating story, stunning visuals, and unique blend of post-apocalyptic wilderness and advanced technology. Of course, games based on the post-apocalyptic world are very popular, this game stands out with its incredible story, which is perhaps the biggest advantage of this title.

The success of the franchise, bolstered by the recent release and critical acclaim of Horizon Forbidden West, has led to an exciting new chapter: a live-action adaptation for Netflix called "Horizon 2074." As we have already said, the story is masterful, and that lays a great foundation for a feature series, of course, with good screenwriters and directors.

Although shrouded in mystery, here's everything we know so far about this long-awaited project.

From PlayStation Exclusives to Netflix Originals

Building on the legacy established by the games, the Horizon series joins the ranks of other notable video game adaptations on Netflix, such as The Last of Us and the upcoming God of War series.

This change marks a growing trend to bridge the gap between interactive and passive entertainment media, offering fans the chance to experience their beloved stories in a new light. In fact, video game adaptations have proven to be very successful, and last year they definitely pushed superheroes into the background.

The film about the Italian plumber Super Mario attracted the attention of audiences around the world and filled cinema halls. Although official plot details have been kept under wraps, the working title "Horizon 2074" has sparked speculation among fans.

This year has significance in the Horizon universe as it marks the beginning of humanity's downfall – the Pharo plague event that led to the rise of the machines. This title could hint at a prequel story that deals with the events leading up to the cataclysmic event and the creation of GAIA, an artificial intelligence tasked with saving the planet.

However, some have speculated that the title could be reserved for the venue, with "Horizon 2064" being a more accurate representation, aligned with the games' established timeline. Certainly, in this way, attention was drawn to this project, and the anticipation has already begun.

People have been very fond of video game adaptations in recent years, and the future of this genre is certainly bright.

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Who will breathe life into Aloy?

One of the hottest questions surrounding the series is the role of Aloy, the legendary protagonist who serves as both a skilled hunter and a beacon of hope in a post-apocalyptic world.

Although there is no official confirmation yet, rumors have been swirling around the actress Sadie Sink, known for her role in "Stranger Things". A fan-made Instagram post featuring Sink as Aloy sparked further speculation, showing her potential to embody the character's strength and determination.

However, it's crucial to remember that this is just a fan casting, and the official casting process remains shrouded in secrecy, it hasn't been revealed whether it has officially begun or who the producers have plans to cast.

Of course, Aloya's role is the most important and it needs to be authentic to the video game, so the producers should base themselves on choosing the best possible actress for this role. Since the series is still in the early stages of development, the release date of "Horizon 2074" remains undisclosed.

Currently, the focus is on writing the script, which indicates that the show could be several years away from an official premiere. This extended wait gives the creative team enough time to carefully craft a compelling story that respects the source material and adapts it to the new format that the game's fans have been demanding.

Of course, the production and the film crew will have to improvise, but it is very important that the series does not deviate from the video game, which really has an amazing story and great potential to be a good series.

It is better to wait a couple of years for the release of the series, but for it to be of good quality with a good base for another season. Project "Horizon 2074" marks an exciting new chapter for the Horizon franchise. This Netflix adaptation has the potential to expand the reach of the beloved video game, introducing the world of Aloy and her struggles to a wider audience.

The video game is of course very popular, but this amazing story now has the task of expanding its domains and reaching a diverse audience around the world. While details remain scarce, the combination of Netflix's talented creative team and dedicated fan base makes "Horizon 2074" a highly anticipated addition and a potential blockbuster.