Coming soon 'The Night Wanderer': The Witcher in space

Another title from Poland that is an adaptation of a literary work

by Sededin Dedovic
Coming soon 'The Night Wanderer': The Witcher in space
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Poland, a country with a rich literary tradition, continues its journey to flourish in the world of video games, as another adaptation of a literary masterpiece is announced in the form of a digital experience. The extremely popular science fiction series of novels "Lord of the Ice Garden", authored by the prominent Polish writer Jarosław Grzędowicz, will be transformed into an exciting video game called "The Night Wanderer".

"The Night Wanderer" promises to be something special - it will combine elements of soulslike games with RPG mechanics, creating a deep and challenging experience for players around the world. While details about the game are still scarce, fans can rest assured that they will be immersed in a world full of mystery, adventure, and incredible challenges.

At the heart of the novel lies the story of Vuk Drakkainen, a brave soldier who embarks on a mission to the planet Midgaard to find missing scientists. However, what he discovers on that planet exceeds his wildest expectations - Midgaard is home to a civilization that lives in symbiosis with magic, as opposed to the advanced technological civilization represented by humanity.

Magic is obviously a reflection of medieval fantasy and mythological and miraculous creatures, while the development of human technology is far ahead of today's. "The Night Wanderer" therefore promises to take us on an epic journey through the fusion of science fiction and medieval fantasy.

Imagine yourself as the Witcher but in space, facing exotic worlds, wondrous creatures and incredible challenges, as you try to unravel the secrets of Midgaard and confront its dark forces. Sounds interesting doesn't it? That is exactly what you will get.

Although details about the platforms on which the game will be available or the release date have not yet been revealed, fans are already eagerly awaiting this title, which everyone closely associates with the mega-popular The Witcher.

"The Night Wanderer" definitely promises to be an unforgettable experience for all lovers of literature, science fiction and video games, and gamers have recognized that. That's all we know about the game, we don't have any more information, but the game has been officially announced and we will surely enjoy it in the future.