Shooting to the Top: Helldivers 2's Unstoppable Rise on Steam

Helldivers 2 debuted on Steam in February and became the best-selling game on the platform, but even more impressively, it still holds the top spot

by Sededin Dedovic
Shooting to the Top: Helldivers 2's Unstoppable Rise on Steam
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Helldivers 2 debuted on Steam in February with an impressive record of becoming the best-selling game of the month. Since then, it has not only maintained that position, but is also firmly anchored at the top, standing out from the competition and keeping the attention of players around the world.

Helldivers 2 earned its success not only by sales but also by recognitions that came from all sides. The PlayStation production has achieved incredible success on the PC platform, with a glorious start that is measured as the biggest launch of a PlayStation game on PC.

This co-op shooter not only exceeded expectations but shattered them, selling more than 3 million copies worldwide. Even months after its release, Helldivers 2 continues to dominate on Steam, confirming its exceptionality and appeal among gamers.

Although big titles like Dragon Dogma 2 appeared on the horizon, they weren't enough to shake the position of this PlayStation franchise. Even while other titles like Starfield, Forza Horizon 5 and Monster Hunter World are pulling back in price, they fail to reach the level of popularity that Helldivers 2 enjoys.

And Valve's Steam Deck, which was a promising challenger in the market, was overshadowed by this outstanding title. Perhaps the most significant indicator of Helldivers 2's strength lies in the fact that even free-to-play titles like Counter-Strike 2, PUBG, and Apex Legends failed to surpass it in sales.

This is testament to the deep impression the game has left on the gaming community, clearly showing how popular it is among gaming enthusiasts. One of the key factors that contributed to this triumph is the price. Compared to most AAA games, Helldivers 2 offers a more affordable option, making it appealing to a wide range of players.

This affordability makes the game more attractive to more players, while also providing a basis for keeping the service live, allowing Arrowhead Game Studios to continuously improve and support the game, which is an additional reason why fans are happy to invest in more advanced versions of the game as a sign of support and recognition for the effort. developers. If you haven't tried this game yet, we recommend that you buy it and you won't regret it.