One Piece 1110: incredible what happened! And now?

The Five Elders arrive at Egghead and show their monstrous forms: how will Luffy and his crew do now?

by Lorenzo Ciotti
One Piece 1110: incredible what happened! And now?
© Shueisha

The complete summary of the highly anticipated chapter 1110 of One Piece has finally been released. The Five Elders have arrived at Egghead summoned by Saint Jaygarcia Saturn and, showing their monstrous forms, prepare to fight Luffy and his crew.

Here is the summary:

Title: Shooting stars

The chapter begins with the reactions of some characters, such as Vice Admiral Bluegrass, Bonney, Franky or Atlas, when they see the black lightning. Giants and pacifists continue to destroy Navy ships.

7 minutes left until Vegapunk's message to the world: on the screens we can see Vegapunk sipping a Vega coffee.

In Mary Geoise, the Five Elders' room is now empty: there is only a huge burning magic circle on the floor, in front of the Five Elders' seats.

We can see all the members of the Five Elders in front of Luffy.

All five Elders use their awakened forms, with dark, flaming smoke around their necks. We can see their official names and which yokai they refer to.

Saint Jaygarcia Saturn is a Gyuki.
Saint Marcus Mars is a ltsumade, a huge creepy bird.
Saint Topman Warcury is a Houki, a giant boar with 4 tusks.
Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro is a Bakotsu, a horse skeleton.
Saint Shepherd Ju Peter is a Sandworm, a huge worm monster.

Nusjuro uses his power to see where one of the Pacifistas is and then runs towards him. Nusjuro transforms into his hybrid form, which looks like a centaur. The lower part of his body is still a horse skeleton, but the neck and head are now the upper part of Nusjuro's human body.

Nusjuro races around Egghead Island defeating the Pacifistas, using circuit-freezing blasts within the Pacifistas to immobilize them, and within seconds half of the Pacifistas on the Island are defeated Mars flies up and attacks the Labophase by jumping onto the barrier, but the barrier still holds.
While Luffy fights Saturn, Ju Peter, the sandworm, dives into the ground.

Usopp stops the Thousand Sunny by creating a bamboo barrier with his Green Star: Bamboo Javelin technique.

Sanji calls everyone through Den Den Mushi, telling them that they need to run away now and not wait for him and Luffy. Jinbe arrives at the place where Zoro and Lucci are fighting. We can see that one of Zoro's swords is spinning in the air due to one of Lucci's attacks. Lucci attacks Zoro with a new technique called Shugan: Madara.

Zoro dodges the attack as he grabs the sword that was spinning in the air, then attacks Lucci with a new technique called Santouryuu – Kokoba: Madaragari.
Zoro defeats Lucci.

Ju Peter suddenly emerges under Luffy and swallows him, but Dorry and Brogy arrive at that moment.

In the final double page spread of the chapter, Dorry and Brogy cut off Ju Peter's head with a new attack called Taiyou Noko. In this way they free Luffy.ù
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