The Epic Games Store app is coming to Android and iOS

Epic revealed to fans that “Coming to iOS and Android! The same fair conditions, available to all developers, on a true multi-platform store – with amazing games for everyone”

by Sededin Dedovic
The Epic Games Store app is coming to Android and iOS
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After years of legal battles with Apple and regulators around the world, Epic Games has finally won a victory that opens the door to their ambitious plan - the Epic Games Store on mobile devices. This means a big change for mobile gaming, all thanks to the recently adopted EU Digital Markets Act.

Although it was uncertain, in the end the accusations of Epic Games against Apple were justified. And now a fierce battle is expected between the Apple Store and the Epic Store. Announced during GDC and via Twitter, Epic revealed to fans that “Coming to iOS and Android!

The same fair conditions, available to all developers, on a true multi-platform store – with amazing games for everyone”. The application will arrive sometime before the end of the year; its release coincides with the official re-release of Fortnite on iOS.

The EU Digital Markets Act is legislation that aims to promote fair competition in the digital market. One of the key aspects of the law is to limit the power of large platform companies, such as Apple and Google, which control the distribution of applications on their devices.

This law directly affected the legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple, which concerned the App Store's restrictions on alternative in-app payment methods. Epic argued that Apple was abusing its dominant position in the mobile app market by imposing steep fees and limiting choices for developers and consumers.

With the entry into force of the EU Digital Markets Act, the playing field has been leveled. Epic Games took this opportunity to finally announce the arrival of its Epic Games Store on mobile devices, both on iOS and Android.

This is significant news for the gaming industry, as it represents a new game distribution platform that promises "the same fair conditions, available to all developers." Gamers will have a new source for finding and purchasing games on their mobile devices.

The Epic Games Store offers a wide selection of PC games, and now that library will be available on the mobile market as well. This can lead to greater competition and potentially more favorable prices for consumers.

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Epic Games is known for its 88/12 revenue split model, which gives developers a larger share of sales profits compared to the standard model of platforms like the App Store (which takes a 30% commission).

This could attract developers to publish their games on the Epic Games Store, increasing the overall game library and diversity. The company emphasized that its mobile Epic Games Store will be a "true multi-platform store," meaning games will be available on both Android and iOS devices.

This eliminates the need for separate versions and allows players to transfer their progress and purchases between devices. The release of the Epic Games Store on mobile devices is planned for later this year, with Epic promising "amazing games for everyone." It should be noted that the launch of the Epic Games Store on iOS will likely coincide with the return of Fortnite to the platform after legal disputes with Apple.

While the Digital Markets Act (DMA) was the catalyst that prompted Epic Games to finally release a mobile version of its Stor, the availability of Stor itself will not be limited to the EU and US. The Epic Games Store will be available globally, on all iOS and Android devices.
Of course, specific regulations and laws in individual countries may affect the functionality of Stor and the availability of games.

For example, in countries where games of chance are regulated, the Epic Games Store may not be able to offer games of that category. However, in principle, all players in the world will have access to the Epic Games Store on their mobile devices.

This is a very significant step in the development of mobile gaming and opens up new opportunities for players and developers around the world. Epic Games gives out a new free game almost every day, and sometimes even more during special promotions or weekends.

Games are available for download to your computer and become permanently linked to your Epic Games Store account. In this way, it has attracted many players and will be a strong competition to Apple and Google, and will definitely change the further development and flow of the gaming industry on smartphones.

And these are not unpopular games, you will be surprised by the quality and variety of free titles they offer! It will be interesting to see how Epic Games continues to compete with the already well-established App Store and Google Play Store.

Will their profit sharing model and focus on fair competition be enough to attract developers and players? We will see that soon, but it is well known that the obstructions against this company were for this very reason.