The PS5 Pro arrives during the holiday season

According to reports from Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson, details about the PS5 Pro console have been leaked from the Moore's Law is Dead YouTube channel

by Sededin Dedovic
The PS5 Pro arrives during the holiday season
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Rumors have been swirling about a potential PlayStation 5 Pro for some time now, and recent leaks have added fuel to the fire. According to Tom Henderson, a well-regarded insider, details about the console have emerged from two sources: the YouTube channel Moore's Law is Dead and leaked Sony documents sent to third-party development teams.

While these leaks should be viewed with some caution, Henderson's past success in revealing PlayStation plans lends them credibility. In 2022, he accurately revealed Sony's development of a "true professional controller" for the PS5, which later materialized as the DualSense Edge.

Similarly, he predicted the release of the discless PS5 model, which arrived a year later as a thinner and lighter iteration of the console. The leaked information paints a picture of the PS5 Pro prioritizing smoother and more consistent frame rates (FPS) at 4K resolution.

This caters to gamers who prefer high-fidelity visuals without sacrificing gameplay fluidity. Additionally, there have been whispers of a new "performance mode" targeting 8K resolution. This suggests that the console could be capable of displaying games in stunning resolution, pushing the boundaries of graphical fidelity for console gaming.

Next-level processing power and ray tracing

In addition to the resolution, the leaks hint at a significant increase in processing power. Moore's Law is Dead's video shows leaked documentation that points to a GPU with 67 teraflops FP16 performance (33.5 teraflops FP32).

This means faster processing speeds and, consequently, potentially more visually stunning experiences. The leaks also suggest significant improvements in ray-tracing capabilities, a technology that simulates realistic lighting effects.

The PS5 Pro could offer ray tracing performance two to three times faster than the base PS5 model, creating an even more immersive and realistic in-game environment.

The strategic release window and potential challenges

Henderson suggests that Sony could target the release of the PS5 Pro for the holiday season, taking advantage of a traditionally strong sales period.

However, this timeline remains unconfirmed and could be subject to change. The deciding factor could be Sony's assessment of the first-party game release schedule for the current year. The company could delay the launch to ensure that a robust library of next-gen titles is available for the Pro model at launch.

The arrival of the PS5 Pro would mark an exciting mid-generation upgrade for PlayStation enthusiasts. With the potential for smoother 4K gameplay, support for 8K resolutions and improved processing power, the PS5 Pro could push the boundaries of console gaming.

However, given that leaks often lack concrete details, it's important to wait for official confirmation from Sony before making too much noise. Still, the rumors provide a tantalizing glimpse of what the future may hold for PlayStation gamers.