Borderlands 4: The Take-Two Deal and What It Means

The announcement came on the heels of Take Two's acquisition of Gearbox, the developer behind Borderlands, from Embracer for a whopping $460 million

by Sededin Dedovic
Borderlands 4: The Take-Two Deal and What It Means
© LordPunk / Youtube channel

Since the explosive ending of Borderlands 3, treasure hunters everywhere have been eagerly awaiting the next big loot: Borderlands 4. We haven't been able to hear news about the game's progress and details, but the interest is naturally high.

While official information has been scarce, Gearbox, the masterminds behind the mayhem, couldn't resist dropping a few cryptic hints. Borderlands 4 was first spotted on the developer profile last year and was recently announced by the developers.

And now it is finally confirmed that the long-awaited Borderlands 4 is in development! The news comes with a bombshell announcement: Take-Two Interactive is buying Gearbox from Embracer Group for a whopping $460 million. The move looks like a win for Gearbox, especially given Embracer's recent restructuring.

But in the end, what impact will it have on Embracer, which has had problems lately anyway. Take-Two's press release reveals that Gearbox currently has a whopping six "key interactive entertainment projects" in the pipeline.

Even more exciting, five of these sequels, two of which in particular belong to the beloved Borderlands and Homeworld franchises. Take-Two is clearly expressing confidence in the future of the studios they are acquiring, with plans to finalize the deal by June 30, 2024.

This development marks another departure for Embracer Games. Leaving a respected developer like Gearbox seems to be a recurring theme, which raises questions about their recent acquisition. Perhaps the tables are finally turning on their aggressive strategy.

We will see very soon what impact this will have on both sides, but the end players should be satisfied in the end. For Borderlands fans, however, this news is cause for celebration! The freedom of Gearbox under Take-Two, along with the confirmation of Borderlands 4, paints a very promising picture for the future of the franchise.

We can only imagine what kind of chaos Gearbox has cooked up this time, and even the most pessimistic players will definitely be excited now. Stay tuned for further updates, Treasure Hunters - the future of Borderlands may be sooner than we expected.